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Behavior and Motor Skills: Early Elementary

Early elementary strategies to address behavior, fine motor skills, and bullying by young girls.

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Getting younger children to channel their energies, develop their motor skills, and behave appropriately can be challenging. You will discover strategies for improving fine motor skills and addressing behavior issues, as well as how to address bullying by young girls.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Classroom Management


  • Behavior and Motor Skills: Early Elementary
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Reviews (28)

There were so many ideas for everyday OT. Easy enough to put in for all students as practice on top of students who need it.
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Good tips.
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This was very good! I really appreciate the information that was shared! Thank you!
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very important info
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Full Member
very interesting.
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Extremely interesting and instructional webinar of "Little Girls Can Be Mean".
Basic Member
what a wonderful program
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Good information.
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Good information
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