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Communicating Sensitive Issues and Dealing with Challenging Parents (Teachers)

Strategies and tips for communicating sensitive issues and dealing with challenging families.

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Communicating and dealing with parents or caregivers can sometimes be challenging, especially if the parents are confrontational or if you are discussing sensitive topics. These webinars cover things to consider when dealing with aggressive and challenging families and suggest ways in which schools and teachers can effectively manage and deal with them. You will also discover helpful suggestions for talking to parents about sensitive issues as well as strategies for more productive IEP meetings.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Communication & Collaboration


  • Communicating Sensitive Issues and Dealing with Challenging Parents (Teachers)
The Parent Protocol: A Plan for Talking about Sensitive Issues with Parents
Teachers and parents alike often approach conferences with apprehension or nervous fear, especially if problems or difficult issues need to be discussed.more...
20 Strategies for More Productive IEP Meetings
Workshop Description: Are your IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings leaving you feeling overwhelmed or unproductive?more...
Dealing with Challenging Parents and Families: Managing Aggression
Have you ever had difficulty dealing with parent or caregivers?more...
Dealing with Challenging Parents and Families: 8 Things to Consider
It is often a challenge for schools and teachers to figure out how to maintain positive relationships with various kinds of households, families, and parenting styles.more...

Reviews (27)

Full Member
Good information. There are so many things that we overlook when it comes to what these kids go through at home and at school.
Full Member
Great advice on how to handle these challenging situations! Thank you!
Full Member
Excellent course filled with great tips regarding the discussion of sensitive matters with parents! Thank you!
Very Informative. As a SPED Teacher I appreciate the training.
Basic Member
Really great advice, it's good to know helpful tips especially dealing with hard parents.
Basic Member
Great information. Thank you.
Basic Member
Good information. Thank you.
Basic Member
This was an incredible webinar there are so many details I wouldn't have thought of on my own, and excellent information on protecting yourself as an educator and on why difficult parents behave a certain way. The only caveat I have is that super recently (summer 2020), the web protection app recommended (AVAST) was embroiled in a controversy because they appear to gather and sell user data.
Basic Member
This was great, thank you for all the tips- helpful to understand a way to communicate when it may be difficult.
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