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Flipped Classroom Teaching Ideas

Best practices, activities, projects, and tech tools that you can use to flip your classroom.

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Discover activities and projects that other educators are using successfully to flip their classrooms. Learn about specific tech tools and strategies that you can use to flip your classroom, as well as real world best practices to achieve your goals and objectives.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Blended Learning, Learning Theories & Strategies


  • Flipped Classroom Teaching Ideas
Using Virtual Field Trips in Your Flipped or Blended Classroom
We all know that field trips can be incredible educational experiences for students, particularly those students with limited backgrounds.more...
Flipping Your Classroom: Going Beyond the Videos
Are you curious about the flipped classroom model, but don't want to record your own videos?more...
Flipping Your Classroom: It's Easy with Khan Academy
Have you ever wished that you had more time for hands-on work, collaborative projects, or labs during class?more...
Flipping Your Class with Videos and Live Streaming from YouTube Live
Have you ever wanted to flip your class, giving your students instructional videos that they can view at home?more...
Flip Any Video on YouTube with TED-Ed
Have you ever seen a YouTube video and thought, "I'd love to use that, but I don't have time"?more...
Flip Your Classroom with Online Discussions
Would you like to maximize your precious class time to more effectively engage students?more...

Reviews (32)

Basic Member
it was good
Basic Member
Thank you so much for this helpful information. This year has been a struggle for all students and teachers, without the right tools it is difficult to gain their attention and interest in education. Thank you again.
thank you for sharing
Basic Member
I really love all these apps that share. Thank you!
Basic Member
I love all of the helpful tools that are offered in this series! As a teacher new to a hybrid model of teaching, I really appreciate all of the cool apps and have loves sharing them with my colleagues.
Basic Member
Great ideas. Thanks.
Basic Member
Excellent series!
Basic Member
Loved all of the ideas. I wish it was more K-2 friendly but, I am going to attempt it since we are doing online learning.
I really loved her ideas. I wish she had more resources for the youngest learneres (K-2)

Basic Member
The Flip Classroom sessions by Catlin Tucker were very instructional, especially with her examples and list of resources.
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