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An Intro to the Flipped Classroom

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Gain an understanding of the flipped classroom and why you should flip your classroom. Learn how this blended learning teaching model allows students to use technology outside of class to view videos, listen to lectures, and take part in discussions, leaving you with more class time for engaging activities and one-on-one interaction.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Blended Learning, Learning Theories & Strategies


  • An Intro to the Flipped Classroom
Why Should You Flip Your Classroom? An Introduction
You've likely heard the buzz about the Flipped Classroom, but do you know what flipping your classroom really means?more...
An Intro to Flipped Classroom: Making the Flip to Increase Student Achievement
Wouldn't it be great to put the responsibility for learning back where it belongs - with the students?more...
Locating Materials for Your Flipped Classroom: It's Easier than You Think
Are you interested in the Flipped Classroom model but aren't sure where to start?more...
Design a Student-centered Flipped Lesson That Encourages Exploration and Inquiry
If the idea of a Flipped Classroom intrigues or inspires you, come discover how to design a flipped lesson that encourages exploration and inquiry, transfers knowledge online, and extends learning with student-centered activities.more...
Flipping Instruction for Struggling Students
Would you like to help your students learn the material before they arrive in class with flipped learning?more...

Reviews (37)

I'm glad that I have this resource to refer to when needed. There is so much valuable information.
All of the webinars were fantastic, however, Design a Student-centered Flipped Lesson That Encourages Exploration and Inquiry was a step above. The examples and presentation gave me the motivation I needed to believe that this could be done!
Full Member
Thank you for the needed information!
Full Member
Informative, resourceful, step-by-step guide to using flipping instructions in the classroom. Thanks for the tips and ideas, very helpful.
Full Member
Great Webinar, I learned a ton about something that I had only heard about.
Full Member
Thank you for explaining the flipped classroom
I'm excited about implementing but I'm very concerned about not having enough time to keep up with all of my students. It has taken me almost 2 weeks to get content ready for presentation for just the first semester. I'm still working. How many student contacts per week or per day do you suggest.

Thank you from Oklahoma
Full Member
We are in the process of moving from the traditional classroom to the flipped classroom. We are being asked to learn and implement lessons from Google classroom once a week.

This presentation gave me some very valuable information to think about in beginning to plan for the change.
It is exciting but it can become very time consuming.
Thank you for making my toolbox more useful with all of the information you shared.
Thank you for the list of resources!
Thank you! This was great! :)
Thank you for the information
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