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Strategies for Teaching Gifted Students

Strategies, best practices, and ways to differentiate instruction for gifted student instruction.

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Teaching gifted children offers its own unique set of challenges. Discover best practices and classroom strategies that help keep your advanced and gifted students challenged and engaged. Learn ways to differentiate their instruction, strategies to make them more responsible for their learning, and activities to develop their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Special Education


  • Strategies for Teaching Gifted Students
Literacy Strategies for Gifted Readers
Do you ever find it challenging to keep your advanced and gifted readers engaged and excited about reading materials, assignments, and goals?more...
Relinquishing Control: How to Make Gifted Students Responsible for Their Learning
As teachers, many of us like having control over everything that happens in our classrooms; however, in maintaining that control, we've also taken away a lot of the responsibility for learning from our students.more...
Teaching Creative Problem Solving to Gifted Students
Are you looking for ways to channel the creativity and focus the thoughts of your gifted students as you teach them creative problem solving?more...
Cultivate Creativity and Critical Thinking of Gifted Students with Problem-Based Learning
Are you looking for ways to stretch the thinking of your gifted students?more...
Free Resources to Differentiate Instruction and Meet the Needs of Gifted Learners
Gifted learners have special learning needs in their particular area(s) of giftedness.more...

Reviews (9)

Basic Member
I felt like some of the webinars were very affective/informative, but that others were somewhat lacking. Overall this was a decent toolkit.
Basic Member
Very informative.
Basic Member
Good information. I found the webinar on Project Based Learning to be especially helpful. We need to do it a lot more.
Basic Member
Nice handouts that I know will be benefit my Gifted students. Thanks!
Basic Member
Basic ideas were good. Handouts helpful
Basic Member
Thought there were some really good ideas I can incorporate in my class. Thank you
Basic Member
lots of good resources
Good resources.
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