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Intro to the iPad Device

Tips, suggestions, and classroom practices for those are new to the iPad and the iPad store.

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Get started with iPads in your classroom! Along with tips for new users, you will discover suggestions for classroom practices, how to use basic features and settings, tips for navigating the App Store, and a variety of web browsing options. This is a great crash course to lay a foundation for your iPad use.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: iPads


  • Intro to the iPad Device
iPad Tips: An Overview for New Users
Although the iPad is promoted as being intuitive and easy-to-use right out of the box, some features might not be readily apparent to all, and new users can often benefit from a brief overview of what's available.more...
15 iPad Tips for Teachers
If you're lucky enough to have an iPad, you may have noticed that when your iPad arrived, it didn't come with an instruction manual!more...
Tips for Navigating the iOS App Store
As simple as it may sound, navigating the App Store is sometimes a bit confusing and tricky - especially for novice users.more...
Upgrading to iOS 10: What Now?
The iOS 10 operating system is available, but now what?more...
Which iPad Browser is Right For You? - Going Beyond Safari
The iPad comes with Apple's Safari browser built in, but is there ever just one "app for that"?more...
How to Find the Best iPad App at the Best Price
There are a ton of iPad apps out there, and finding the ones you want can be daunting!more...

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Great information for iPad users!! Thank you.
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Good information for an iPad user.
Very informative and easy to follow
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Please update this.
Thank you for the useful information.
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