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Supporting Literacy and Struggling Learners with iPads

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Mobile apps and iPads can help provide the engagement and extra reinforcement that struggling learners typically need. Learn about apps that help support struggling readers and strengthen literacy strands. You will also discover iPad apps for math intervention and acceleration at both elementary and secondary grade levels, as well as apps and activities that help Language Learners acquire fluency.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: iPads, Reading & Writing


  • Supporting Literacy and Struggling Learners with iPads
Using Digital Storytelling on the iPad to Foster Key Skills
Would you like to help your students develop and enhance their creativity, information fluency, communication, and collaboration skills?more...
iPad Applications for Supporting Struggling Readers
Do you have students who are struggling with reading - and therefore struggling to learn?more...
Get Students Excited about Reading with the iPad
Are you looking for ways to engage your students with literature so that they develop necessary reading skills while enjoying the material?more...
iPad Apps to Support Literacy Strands
Most educators would agree that students' literacy is crucial to their academic success - and a great way to promote literacy across all strands is with the use engaging iPad apps.more...
iPad Apps to Support Literacy: Within the Library and Throughout The School
A key challenge at any school is to increase student literacy - and one fun and effective way of doing this is by using iPads.more...
Energize ELA Lessons: iPad Apps that Align to Common Core
Are you an elementary or middle school teacher looking for ways to revitalize and energize your Language Arts lessons, while meeting some of the Common Core Standards for ELA?more...
iPad Applications for Math Intervention
Do you have students who are struggling with math?more...
iPad Applications for Middle and High School Math Intervention and Acceleration
Do you have students who are struggling or need acceleration with math?more...
iPad Apps for the ESL/ELL Classroom: Literacy Skills
Building strong literacy skills is an important foundation for the success of English Language Learners.more...
iPad Apps for the ESL/ELL Classroom: Vocabulary Acquisition
English Language Learners need support, reinforcement, and practice when building their vocabulary.more...
Engaging Lessons and Activities for English Language Learners Using Free iPad Apps
Are you using iPads - or hoping to use iPads - with English Language Learners and looking for new lessons that will promote student engagement and academic success?more...
Create a Mobile Language Learning Lab with iPads
If you are teaching a foreign language or working with English language learners, you are likely aware of how helpful it is for students to listen to themselves and others as they practice their speech.more...

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