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iPad Initiatives and Administrator Tools

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Are you considering an iPad initiative at your school? Learn what other schools have done and how to avoid common implementation mistakes, as well strategies and tools for setting up and managing iOS devices. Administrators will discover which apps can help them to be more productive and to do their jobs more efficiently.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Administrator Resources, iPads


  • iPad Initiatives and Administrator Tools
Implementing an iPad Pilot
Is your school or district thinking about implementing an iPad pilot?more...
iPad Implementation: Real-world Examples, Tips, and Strategies
Have you been thinking about implementing iPads in your school or district?more...
How Going 1:1 Can Transform Your Learning Environment
The use of technology in the classroom, when paired with sound pedagogy and instructional practices, can engage learners, expand opportunities for creation and collaboration, challenge thinking, and provide nearly endless ways to explore content.more...
Top 10 Mistakes Schools Make When Going 1:1 and How to Avoid Them
Is your school or district thinking of, or in the process of, going 1:1 - either by using school-issued devices or by encouraging students to bring and use their own devices?more...
Setting Up and Managing iOS Devices Using Apple Deployment Program
Have you been tasked with setting up and configuring iOS devices for your classroom, school, or district?more...
Setting Up and Managing iOS Devices for Your Class or School
Have you been tasked with setting up and configuring iOS devices for your classroom or your school?more...
Maximize Productivity and Data Results with Mobile Walk-Throughs
Like most school administrators, do you find that sometimes you don't have enough hours in the day?more...
Tips From an iPrincipal: 10 iPad Apps Administrators Must Have
As an administrator, you are no doubt pressed for time - and looking for ways to enhance your productivity and use your time more efficiently.more...
Calling All Administrators: There's an App for That
Administrators: You manage multiple tasks and communicate with several stakeholders throughout a given day.more...

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Great information
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Amazing ideas for organization!
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Good series!
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Great set of webinars.
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Fantastic webinars. So much information!
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