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Mobile Strategies for Struggling and Special Needs Students

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Mobile apps and devices can help provide the engagement, extra reinforcement, and supports that struggling and special needs learners typically need. Learn about apps that help struggling and reluctant readers and language learners. Discover how to easily customize iPads and use apps to meet IEP goals. The apps and activities covered address diverse needs such as communication, visual impairment, autism, behavior, speech, reading, executive functioning, transitioning to college, and more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Mobile Learning Intermediate , Special Education


  • Mobile Strategies for Struggling and Special Needs Students
Mobile Apps for Supporting Struggling Readers
Do you have students who are struggling with reading - and therefore struggling to learn?more...
Entice Reluctant Middle and High School Readers with Engaging Mobile Apps
With all of their digital distractions, it can often be challenging to get many older students interested in reading, but using an iPad or other tablet can help to spark their enthusiasm for books.more...
Top 10 Apps for Children with Autism
Mobile devices and apps often work well to engage students in the autism spectrum, but with so many apps on the market, it can be difficult to find just the right app for your child or student.more...
Interactive Math and Science Resources for Special Education
Finding a well-rounded assortment of Math and Science resources to meet the needs of diverse learners is not always easy.more...
Transitioning to College: Building a Technology Toolkit
Having, and knowing how to use, the correct technology tools can make the transition to higher education a bit easier.more...
Special Accommodations and Apps for the Visually Impaired
If you need to provide special accommodations for blind or visually impaired students, this webinar is for you!more...
Free Apps to Support Integrated Co-teaching with General and Special Needs Students
While Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) in a mixed classroom of general and special needs students is typically beneficial to all students, it can also provide a unique set of challenges.more...
Using iPads for Executive Functioning: Help All Students Plan, Focus, Manage Tasks, and More!
Executive functioning refers to the skills that enable us to plan, focus our attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks successfully in order to accomplish a goal.more...
Augmentative and Alternative Communication iPad Apps for Special Needs
The iPad has opened up a whole new world for students with significant disabilities - allowing many of them to communicate and interact like never before.more...
Content Creation: iPad Apps for the Special Needs Classroom
The latest version of the iPad is equipped with a camera capable of capturing both high resolution images and video.more...
From Enhancement to Transformation: Using the SAMR Model and iPad Apps to Empower All Learners
The iPad not only provides built-in accessibility options for people with a wide range of special needs, but also supports a growing collection of apps that complement these accessibility features.more...
Using iBooks Author with a Focus on Accessibility and Diverse Needs
Are you trying to reach students with diverse learning styles or special needs?more...
Mobile Apps for Special Ed: Reading, Math, Speech, and Behavior
While iPads and iPad apps can be engaging and aid in instruction in almost any classroom, they can be especially useful in the Special Ed classroom.more...
Implementing UDL in the Special Needs Classroom with iPad Apps
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.more...
Customizing the iPad and Selecting Apps to Meet IEP Goals for Students with Disabilities
The iPad can be a terrific tool for students with disabilities, as well as their teachers, and this webinar will discuss ways to integrate the iPad into their learning environment.more...
Top Apps for English Language Learners (ELL)
The National Center for Education Statistics reports more than 11 million school-age children in the U.more...
Supporting Diverse Learners with AR and Virtual Coaches
Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to embed supports into the learning environment in order to meet the needs of your diverse learners.more...

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Great webinars!!!
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Great Info! Thanks
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A plethora of information/sites to support not only the learning of special needs students, but ALL students!
Fascinating! I can't wait to get started using this information! So many helpful tips! Thank you!
Wonderful information that will be extremely helpful in the future. thank you!
Thank you for the well presented abundance of information! Great job!
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I learned about some great apps that I will be using and sharing with my students and parents.
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Thank you so much for all of these great resources!!
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