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Managing Students, Classrooms, and Mobile Devices

Strategies and mobile apps for managing your students, classrooms, and mobile devices.

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Would you like to use tablets and mobile devices to manage student behavior, classroom resources, lessons, and more? Discover how to use your tablet, along with various mobile apps, to help manage student conduct, resources, paperwork, lesson planning, and classroom observations. Hear about apps and strategies for managing mobile devices and student usage, as well as how to design, create, and control interactive lessons.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Mobile Learning Basics


  • Managing Students, Classrooms, and Mobile Devices
Must Have Mobile Apps for Classroom Management
Do you sometimes struggle to keep students on task or feel as though a lot of valuable teaching time is lost in trying to keep student behaviors under control?more...
Implementing and Managing Mobile Devices: Tips, Tricks, and Advice
Would you like to use mobile devices in your classroom, but are hesitant to get started.more...
Strategies and Apps to Manage Mobile Devices and Student Usage
Classroom management is a difficult skill to master, even if you don't have mobile devices.more...
Tablet Management in the 1-Tablet (or Few-tablet) Classroom
Do you have a tablet - or perhaps a couple - that you'd like to use in your classroom, but aren't sure how to use and share them effectively with all of your students?more...
Create and Control Interactive Lessons for Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are great for individual exploration and personalized learning, but have you ever wished you could control the content your students see or that you could limit their activities on these devices?more...
Tech Tools for Communicating with Parents
Teachers know how important it is to keep lines of communication open with parents and families, but sometimes the "more traditional" ways of communicating can be time-consuming or even difficult.more...
Lesson Planning with an iPad
Do you have an iPad for your classroom but are unsure how to best use it for planning and delivering instruction?more...
Amazing Organizational and Timesaving Tips and Tools for the Connected Teacher
Session Description: Connecting with educators regularly and taking charge of your own professional development can be an incredible journey, but at some point, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources.more...
Increase Classroom Mobility, Don't Be Chained to Your Desktop Computer
As tablets become more and more commonplace, the need to use a desktop computer is diminishing just as fast as your need to be flexible and mobile is increasing.more...
3 Mobile Apps that Revolutionized My Instruction and How I Collect Student Work
Do you often struggle with keeping track of teaching tasks, lesson ideas, and mounds of student work?more...
Zero-to-Tech in 30-minutes: Accelerate into the Digital Age
If you are beginning to use Chromebooks, iPads, or other 1:1 devices in your classroom, you likely recognize their vast potential for student engagement and increased learning.more...
Designing iPad Lessons - Focus on the Objective, Not the App!
Do you know what the key to finding the right apps for your classroom?more...

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Excellent series of webinars.
Good resources.
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