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Class Projects with G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

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Learn more about Google Classroom and if it's right for you. Discover how you can use G Suite for improving communication with parents, creating interactive projects, engaging students of all ages, and more.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Intermediate


  • Class Projects with G Suite (formerly Google Apps)
Google Classroom: An Intro to Saving Time, Staying Organized, and Improving Communication
Have you heard about Google Classroom?more...
Use Google Tools to Improve Communication with Parents
Connecting with parents is vital for a successful classroom.more...
Streamline Student Collaboration and Communication with G Suite
Using the tools and apps in G Suite makes it easy for students to collaborate, communicate, and co-create in a variety of ways.more...
Using Google Apps to Create Interactive Student or Class Projects
Google Apps are great for making documents and slideshows, but did you know you and your students can also use them to make digital interactives?more...
Using G Suite in the Primary Classroom
Even our youngest learners can enjoy using Google Apps for productivity and creation!more...
Student and Collaborative Class Projects with Google Tools
Are you looking for suggestions for digital projects that your students can complete either by themselves or as part of a collaborative group?more...
Amazing Digital Projects for All Students with Google Tools
Session Description: It has been said that a good picture is worth a thousand words - and students of all ages can use pictures to develop and convey what they know.more...
Using Google Maps for Virtual Journeys
Have you ever wanted to take your students on a journey without leaving the classroom?more...
Google Docs: Project Ideas and Classroom Suggestions
Did you know that Google Docs was more powerful than a simple word processing tool?more...
Engage Students and Enhance Learning with Innovative STEAM Activities from Google
Would you like to engage students and enhance learning with a variety of activities and experiments that can be used across curriculum?more...
Using Google Sites for Student Portfolios and Authentic Assessments
Would you like a great way for your students to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity, and skills?more...
Creating Select-Your-Outcome Stories and Other Tiered Activities with Google Forms
Students love activities that provide opportunities for choice and self-directed learning.more...
Stay Connected and Keep Your Privacy with Google Voice
In this age of connectivity, parents and colleagues often expect more immediate access to teachers.more...
Student Projects in the Google Classroom
Assigning engaging student projects and finding ways for students to easily collaborate - both inside and outside of class - can be challenging.more...
Creating Digital Books: App Smashing with Book Creator and Other Google Tools
Would you like an easy-to-use tool that allows you and your students to create beautiful digital books using a PC, laptop, or tablet?more...

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Great Info!
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Thanks! Good Info!
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Thank You for the great information!
Good Information!
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Great Information!! Thanks
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It was very helpful
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This was pretty informative, even for teachers like me who are familiar with Google Classroom, but it needs to be updated. Classroom has changed considerably since 2019.
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Great ideas
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This is a wonderful program that did a fantastic job of teaching me about google tools that I never knew about. I'm so excited to try some of these ideas out in my own classroom.
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