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Intermediate G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

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You may be familiar with G Suite, but are you and your students using it to its fullest extent? Chances are you aren't aware of all of the tips that can make G Suite even more useful for educators. Learn about some of the extra features of Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Sheets - you'll be glad you did!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Intermediate


  • Intermediate G Suite (formerly Google Apps)
The 10 Best Google Drive Add-ons for Teachers & Students
You may be familiar with Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms, but are you and your students using them to their fullest extent?more...
Great Things You Can Do with Google Docs: More than Just a Word Processor
Google Docs is just one application within Google Drive, the user friendly suite of online collaborative tools that have tremendous potential for use in the classroom.more...
Google Doc Tips and Tricks You May Not Know
You may be familiar with Google Docs, the popular word processing app in Google's suite of apps in Google Drive, but you may not know all of the tips and tricks that can make Docs even more efficient and useful.more...
Fabulous Forms: Amazing Ways to Integrate Google Forms in the Classroom
Google Forms is an incredibly versatile, but often overlooked, free tool for both teachers and students.more...
Easy Formative Assessment with Google Forms
Google Forms are free to make, easy to use, and completely customizable.more...
Using Google Forms and Tablets for Classroom Walk-Throughs
Using Google Forms, administrators can quickly and easily create walk-through forms for classroom observations.more...
Grading and Assessment with Google: Tips & Tricks to Save You Time
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of grading that piles up on your desk each year?more...
Google Sheets: Project Ideas and Implementation Across Curriculum
The idea of "using spreadsheets" usually doesn't elicit much excitement or anticipation, yet spreadsheets can be extremely versatile tools in your instructional toolbox.more...
Simplify Data Collection and Documentation with Google Forms
Have you been looking for the perfect way to document student progress, knowledge, performance, and anecdotals?more...
Google Slides: Going Beyond a Simple Slide Show
Google Slides is a staple in many classrooms, but it's rarely used for more than creating a traditional slide show.more...
Go Beyond Simple Data Collection: Amazing Ways to Use Google Forms
If you are familiar with Google Forms, then you likely know that they are great for collecting data, but did you know that they can be used for so much more?more...
Amazing Ways to Integrate Google Slides in Your Classroom
Session Description: While Google Slides is primarily known for being an alternative to PowerPoint, it is also a robust, interactive, and flexible teaching tool that can bring content to life in all subject areas.more...
Personalize and Stimulate Student Learning with Google Tools
Would you like to offer your students learning experiences that meet their individual needs and move away from the one-size-fits-all model of instruction?more...
G Suite Features and Updates that Make Your Classroom More Efficient
Are you looking for the best ways to use the GSuite and other Google tools to boost your school year?more...
Continue Learning Outside the Classroom and Engage Your Students with Google Assistant
Advances in artificial intelligence have transformed how our learners interact with their devices.more...
Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs
Would you like to improve your students' writing skills and help them bridge the gap between writing in school and writing in the real world?more...
How School Leaders Can Simplify Data Collection with Google Forms
Would you like an easy way to document walk-throughs, classroom observations, or other data?more...
Using Google Admin Console: An Intro for G Suite Administrators
If your school is a G Suite for Education school and you have been tasked by your school or district to help set up or manage the Google accounts and services for the people in your organization, you will want to make the most of your Google Admin console.more...

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Useful information
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This contained some really great ideas and techniques for increasing my proficiency with the apps. Thanks!
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Great tips and suggestions!
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Useful information!
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I appreciated the variety of skills and tools taught.
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I love learning about new add ons! Thanks!
Great resources.
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Excellent set of tools!
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These are very helpful videos if you have some sense of how to navigate the Google set of tools. Well done, presenterd
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Excellent Presentations! Awesome information! Great ideas to incorporate into the classroom.
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