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Designing a Classroom Website with Google

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Have you wished you could have your own class website, but thought you just didn't have the expertise to build it? Google Sites makes it easy to create a class website that you can use to share information with students, parents, and colleagues. In addition to creating your own site, learn some additional ideas about how you might use sites in your classroom.


Subject: Google Basics
Categories: Google Basics


  • Designing a Classroom Website with Google
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Reviews (15)

Full Member
I enjoyed learning how to make a classroom site for my parents to visit.
Full Member
The information was interesting.
Full Member
I enjoyed hearing about making my Google site more noticeable and eye-catching. This will enable better communication for students, parents, and colleagues.
Full Member
I enjoyed the presentation.
Full Member
The information was helpful and meaningful.
Basic Member
Great information! Thanks
Full Member
Great information. Gsites provides another tool to use with students.
Basic Member
Great information.
Basic Member
I think I am getting ready to start this next school year with a bang!
Full Member
Interesting information but I was hoping it would offer more examples of applying for student activities.
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