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Increasing Collaboration and Organization with Google

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G Suite offers a diverse array of tools you can use to enhance classroom collaboration, and get organized. Discover how to use Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and the Google Chrome Browser to easily share and organize classroom materials, and connect with others both in and outside of the classroom.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Basics


  • Increasing Collaboration and Organization with Google
Take Collaboration and Projects to a New Level with Google Drive
Would you like free tools that you and your students can use to easily collaborate and share ideas?more...
Streamline Collaboration and Communication with Google Docs
Are you looking for ways to utilize technology to work and learn collaboratively within your educational organization?more...
Save Time and Make Your Job Easier with Google Spreadsheets and Forms
Do you often feel as though you are buried under a mound of routine tasks and grading?more...
Make Collaboration Easy with Google Presentations and Spreadsheets
Getting students to collaborate on a project usually presents a number of challenges - often they can't get together outside of class, it's difficult for them to share documents, or one student ends up doing most of the work on his or her computer.more...
Great Ways to Use Google Slides for Student-Driven Learning Projects
Would you like to design student-driven learning projects that require students to construct knowledge as they create?more...
Setting up and Getting Started with Google Hangouts
Have you thought about using Google Hangouts to collaborate and communicate with other teachers, classrooms, or parents, but aren't sure where to get started?more...
Tips for Using Google Hangouts in the Classroom
Google Hangouts is a dynamic 21st century tech tool that integrates elements of social media, professional learning networks, multimedia, and collaboration making it perfect for engaging and personalizing learning for students, teachers, and administrators.more...
Managing a Google Hangout Session
Once you've decided to hold a Google Hangout session, there are some things you can do before and during the session to manage it and help ensure that it is as productive and smooth as possible.more...
Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators
Have you ever given much thought to the Web browser you use, or do you simply use the one that happened to come with your computer?more...
Getting to Know Google Chrome Web Tools and Apps
Did you know that there are a variety of free Chrome apps and tools that can be used with your Google Chrome browser to enhance your lessons and your classroom?more...
Productivity and Collaboration in the Cloud with Google Drive
Are you looking for a free word processing program?more...
Using Google Keep to Support Classroom Learning and Student Organization
Would you like a great, free tool that will help keep your students organized and make it easy for you and them to share notes and stay on track with assignments and projects?more...

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Basic Member
Good information
Basic Member
Awesome information. Thank you.
Basic Member
I was not sure how I was going to use the collaboration for my class, this give me what I needed. Also I am new to Google Keep and it showed great ways to stay on top of things. I am feeling better prepared as I watch the webinars going forward...thanks so much.
Basic Member
Great series of webinars.
Basic Member
Great information.
Basic Member
The material was intriguing and beneficial. Thank you for organizing the material for us.
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