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Engaging Students with Google

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You might know a little bit about Google - but how can you use all that Google has to offer to help your students learn? Take a look at using Google tools to increase student engagement, and power up your classroom. Explore the world with Google's virtual field trip options, and learn how to maximize your instruction with some of Google's most popular tools.


Subject: Google Basics
Categories: Google Basics


  • Engaging Students with Google
10 Ways Google Can Increase Student Engagement
If engagement is the fuel necessary for learning to take place, how can teachers use technology to harness the power of higher-level thinking and creativity?more...
10 Tips & Ideas for Using Google Tools with Learners
Perhaps you've heard the buzz about Google tools, but weren't sure if they were suitable for your classroom.more...
Virtual Explorations and Field Trips with Google Tools
While Google is widely known for tools such as its search engine, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail, many of its lesser known tools can be just as useful for teachers.more...
Easy Student Collaboration with Google Drive
Would you like your students to be able to easily collaborate no matter where they are?more...
Great Ways to Use Google Drive to Power Up Your Classroom
Google Apps for Education provides educators with a suite of powerful tools for teaching and learning.more...
Maximize Your Instruction with Google Docs
Do you sometimes wish you could do more with your instruction, but just don't seem to have the time?more...
Creative Collaborative Projects with Google Slides
Google Slides is a powerful Web-based presentation tool, but have you considered how it could be leveraged to impact your students through collaborative activities?more...
Save Time and Simplify Your Grading
Do you spend seemingly endless hours grading student quizzes and tests?more...
Creative Ways to Incorporate Google Slides in Your Classroom
If you are familiar with Google Slides, you are likely aware that it can be used to create electronic slide shows, but have you given much thought as to other ways you and your students can use Slides?more...
Google Apps and Extensions for Early Elementary Classrooms
Are you looking for ways to incorporate tech into your early elementary classroom?more...
More than Spreadsheets: Creative and Practical Ways to Use Google Sheets
Have you ever considered using Google Sheets as a tool for learning, or do you tend to avoid Sheets because you don't see much use for spreadsheets in your class?more...
Using Google Apps For Education in Health Education
Would you like to be able to easily improve the flow of assignments and work in your classroom?more...
A Tour of Google Arts & Culture for All Educators
Have you ever wished that you and your students could visit historical sites and museums around the world so that you could see the beauty of art, history, or science?more...
Google's Hidden Tools: Uncover a World of Possibilities
You may be familiar with G-Suite and Google Classroom, but are you aware that Google has a lot of lesser known tools just waiting for you and your students to use?more...

Reviews (12)

Full Member
Amazing! EVERY single session gave me something (usually SEVERAL) great new ideas, tips, technology tools, etc. that I can now use in my classroom.
I was able to share several ideas with colleagues.
All of the presenters are fantastic, well trained, with a desire to teach teachers. It is good these webinars are on record, because you have the ability to review information as many times as necessary
I enjoyed the webinar.
Full Member
Excellent series of webinars.
Full Member
vocab choice board is good idea but does it come with a template - more information would be helpful here

Great content but hard to hear.
Informative but went too fast (in a good way); I now need another 2 hours to explore in depth all the different tabs and apps.
Basic Member
Great information.
Basic Member
Lots of valuable information. Thanks!
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