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Enhance Learning using Chromebooks

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Would you like for your students to create engaging projects that help them understand concepts, improve creativity, and demonstrate what they know? Learn how students can create presentations, web pages, stories, and more using Chromebooks. In addition, discover how to reinforce learning concepts with game-infused classroom activities, and explore additional Chrome Apps and Extensions for learning.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Chromebooks


  • Enhance Learning using Chromebooks
Creation Tools for Web Browsers: Projects for Students on Chromebooks
Students can create fantastic projects right on their Chromebooks!more...
Get Started Creating Engaging Student Projects with Chromebooks
Would you like for your students to create engaging projects that help them understand concepts, improve creativity, and demonstrate what they know?more...
Easy Student Collaboration Using Chromebooks
Are you looking for ways to increase student collaboration with Chromebooks?more...
Get in the Game with Chromebook Game Infused Student Learning Centers
Would you like to add some game-infused excitement to your collaborative student activities, while reinforcing key learning concepts?more...
Engage Students with Interactive Web Apps for Learning and Creating
Chromebooks and the Google Chrome browser allow you and your students quick, easy access to online files, tools, and sites, but are you using these tools to engage your student in learning?more...
Digital Storytelling with Google Chrome Apps: Reaching Out to Authentic Audiences
Storytelling is the common thread found in every culture and used as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values.more...
Chrome Apps and Extensions For Struggling Students
With the proliferation of 1:1 programs and BYOT, schools are exploring more EdTech solutions to meet the technology needs of learners.more...
The Top 5 Chrome App Extensions for Researching and Writing
Are you looking for new ways to leverage your Chromebooks for easier and better research and writing?more...
10 Simple Ways to Inspire Learning with Chromebooks
Technology can help enable all students to express themselves creatively - and that is certainly true when using Chromebooks.more...
Screencasting with Chromebooks: Make Thinking Visible and Improve Learning
Screencasting is a powerful way to use technology to impact teaching and learning.more...
Tools for Chromebooks: Resources for Working and Learning with Data
Are you looking for ways to teach your students how to collect, chart, graph, and analyze data?more...
Movie-Making on Chromebooks: Simple Steps for Getting Started
Making a movie just got easier!more...
Create a Class or Student Website on Chromebooks and Laptops
Have you ever wanted to create a class website but weren't sure where to start?more...
Inspiring Creative Expression with Chromebooks and Other Mobile Tools
Chromebooks and other mobile devices can be used to help students develop many 21st century skills such as research, collaboration, and critical thinking.more...

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