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Introduction to Chrome Apps and Extensions

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Explore the world of Chrome Apps and Extensions. These helpful add-ons enhance your Chromebook experience, making it easy to increase productivity, support struggling students, go paperless, differentiate instruction, and so much more.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Google Chromebooks


  • Introduction to Chrome Apps and Extensions
Getting Started with Chrome Apps to Create and Make with Your Students
Get ready to explore the wonderful world of free Chrome Apps to create engaging student projects and assist with class productivity and workflow of assignments.more...
Top 10 Free Google Extensions for Classroom Use
You may be aware of Google Docs and Google Chrome, but are you using them to their fullest potential?more...
10 Google Chrome Extensions I Use in My Classroom Every Day!
Have you wondered what Chrome extensions are and how to use them?more...
20 of the Best Chrome Extensions for the Classroom
Would you like for you and your students to be more productive and efficient while using your Chromebooks?more...
Tools for Chromebooks: Apps, Extensions, and Add-Ons, Oh My!
Would you like to enhance and customize your students' learning experience?more...
Free Chrome Apps and Extensions to Help You Save Time and Increase Productivity
Do you ever wish you had more time in your day?more...
Chrome Extensions to Support Struggling Students
Did you know that the Google Chrome browser has the power to help all learners read, write, and learn better?more...
Go Paperless with Tech Tools for Chromebooks and Tablets
Whether you are in a one-to-one classroom or have only a handful of devices to share, you can use fantastic tools to manage workflow in your classroom.more...
Using Chrome Extensions to Differentiate Instruction
Chromebooks and Google Chrome allow you and your students quick, easy access to online files, tools, and sites, but are you using these tools to differentiate instruction for all students?more...
Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions that Enhance Productivity
Would you like the ability for you and your students to be more productive and save time?more...

Reviews (11)

Basic Member
Lots of apps and extensions.
Great information.
Basic Member
Great Information!! Thanks!
Basic Member
Very good!!! thanks.
Basic Member
Extremely informative and applicable.
Basic Member
The webinars in this toolkit provide great resources for extension and apps.
Basic Member
Excellent series of webinars.
Basic Member
I love when presenters give a google doc link for their list of sites, add-ons, & extensions that are discussed in a webinar, like Lynn Hilt does. This way when I watch a recorded webinar, I can easily find all the sources that are discussed. I find looking in the back channel of a recorded webinar not as user friendly as the links.
Basic Member
After watching these webinars, I now have a huge list of extensions and add-ons to try out and use with my students.
Basic Member
Thanks for sharing!
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