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Diversity: Promoting Tolerance and Recognizing Cultural Diversity

Strategies, resources, tools, and tips for teaching to diversity and promoting tolerance.

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Today’s classrooms are made up of culturally diverse learners, and it is important that teachers understand and recognize that diversity and help teach students to be respectful and tolerant of others in regards to race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other diversities. This toolkit contains webinars that explore culturally responsive pedagogy, the importance of being inclusive of all cultures, and critical practices that provide a more equitable environment for students. They also provide instructional strategies and anti-bias curricula that can help students develop a better acceptance of diversity, and include a discussion of the effects of poverty on education and how to counteract some of these effects. In addition, you will discover web tools and project suggestions that bring in cultural diversity, help to communicate with the parents and language learners, and that connect your classroom to other cultures around the world.



  • Diversity: Promoting Tolerance and Recognizing Cultural Diversity
Teaching in a Culturally Diverse Classroom
Today's classroom is full of students with diverse cultures, experiences, and traditions.more...
Diversity and Inclusion: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Are you careful to be inclusive of all students and cultures in your classroom?more...
Diversity and Inclusion: Critical Practices
Would you like to be more inclusive of all students and cultures in your classroom, but just aren't sure where to start or what to do?more...
Diversity and Inclusion: Anti-Bias Framework
Are you looking for ways to include anti-bias curricula and instructional strategies that help students develop a sense of justice and an acceptance of diversity?more...
Teaching with Poverty: The Impact and Strategies
Poverty impacts over 46 million people in this country, and is more than just an economic and social problem.more...
Addressing Gender Issues in the Classroom
A student or teacher's gender is not always easily defined as male or female.more...

Reviews (44)

Full Member
This learning program was was helpful and on target. I enjoyed the majority of the webinars.
Full Member
This is a very informative, helpful, and considerate toolkit.
Very informative and helpful.
Full Member
Thank you so much for this series! The webinars brought out ideas to assist in supporting students of poverty and those who are dealing with gender identity
Full Member
This is a very well planned and relevant program. Thank you!
Full Member
Culturally Responsive Teaching is a new acronym for me, but the methods of its integration in the classroom was greatly introduced by Shelly Terrell.
Full Member
Very informative.
Full Member
Good to know!
Full Member
Very informative. Thanks.
Sherman Indian High School has the master of utilizing local resources for its cultural presentations. Lori Sisquoc is the schools museum curator and cultural leader. It is such a positive reinforcement of her long standing style. The material in Ms. Fuciarelli's webinar presents a forest of robust trees and flowers. Each root, trunk. and branch begs exploration and study. Thank you
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