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Getting Started with Office 365 Toolkit

An introduction and overview of some of the best classroom features and options within Office 365.

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Office 365 offers up-to-date Microsoft Office applications and cloud services, as well as a variety of collaboration and communication options, but are you using it to its fullest potential with your class? This toolkit contains webinars that introduce and explore many of the features and benefits of Office 365, including an overview of some of the best options for teachers and students available in the Office 365 for Education plan. Learn how to access documents from anywhere with any device, how to use email and calendars to stay on track, and how you and your students can easily collaborate with online documents and presentations. If Lync is part of your Office 365 package, you will also hear how to use it for video conferencing, instant messages, and more! In addition, you will find out how to perform a variety of useful tasks using Microsoft Office features, such as working with pictures and videos in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, using formulas and charts in Microsoft Excel, and analyzing data with Excel PivotCharts and PivotTables. Discover all of this and more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Communication & Collaboration, Desktop Applications, Microsoft, Workplace


  • Getting Started with Office 365 Toolkit
Office 365 for Education: An Overview
Would you like have access to your Microsoft Office programs and documents from anywhere and with any device?more...
Staying on Track: Using Email and Calendars in Office 365
Staying on top of communications, appointments, and assignments is paramount for both teachers and students.more...
Collaborate and Communicate: Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, and More with Lync!
Would you like the ability to easily collaborate and communicate one-on-one or with large groups using video conferencing, instant messaging, or telephone in real-time?more...
Easy Anytime, Anywhere, Online Collaboration with Office 365
Until recently, collaborating on various documents and presentations often meant passing marked up documents back and forth, waiting for others to finish edits, sharing data drives, and keeping track of the most recent versions but that's no longer necessary.more...
Collaborating with Others using Microsoft Word 2013
Do you work with others on documents that need reviews and revisions by more than one person?more...
Working with Pictures and Videos in Microsoft Word 2013
Would you like to add visual interest or informative graphics and videos to the documents you are creating?more...
Working with Pictures and Design Tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
One sure way to lose audience attention is to present plain white slides crammed with too much text or overcrowded with too many poorly arranged graphics.more...
Adding Audio and Video in PowerPoint 2013
Adding audio or video to a presentation can provide additional information, add interest, or capture your audience's attention - and PowerPoint 2013 not only supports a wider range of multimedia formats, but also makes working with audio and video easier than ever!more...
Use Formulas and Cell References in Excel 2013
Spreadsheets are typically used to enter and analyze data and numbers, and one way to relate, calculate, and summarize data is by using formulas and cell references.more...
Creating and Editing Charts in Excel 2013
Some of the most powerful and useful features in Microsoft Excel are those that help you chart and graphically represent your data.more...
Summarize and Analyze Data Using PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2013
PivotTables are a great way to summarize and analyze your data, but in the past they have been a bit tricky to create.more...
Working with Graphics and Pictures in Microsoft Publisher 2013
Eye-catching graphics or pictures can often quickly communicate the right concept, mood, or tone that you'd like to convey, so why not use them to add visual interest and information to the publications you are creating?more...

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