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Guidance Counselor Toolkit: Strategies for Dealing with a Variety of Issues at the Secondary Level

Suggestions for communicating with secondary students, parents, and teachers on a variety of topics.

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Secondary school Guidance Counselors deal with students, parents, and teachers on a variety of topics from the routine to the sensitive. This toolkit contains webinars that provide additional background, understanding, and suggestions for dealing with some of these issues, whether you are addressing them yourself or helping your teachers address them. Discover plans and protocols for talking to parents about sensitive issues, strategies for conducting more productive IEP meetings, and tips for promoting student ownership of learning with student-led conferences. You will also learn strategies that teachers can use to help counteract the effects of poverty on student learning.
If you are counseling students on college and career choices, discover tips they can use to research and explore career choices, and alternative suggestions for students for whom college is not an option. In the event that a death, natural disaster, or other tragedy should occur, you will find it useful to hear how best to discuss tragedies with students in order to help them make sense of and deal with the tragedy. Moreover you will discover communication strategies and tools that can be used to communicate and stay connected to staff, parents, and students during a crisis, whether it is natural or man-made.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Communication & Collaboration, Counseling


  • Guidance Counselor Toolkit: Strategies for Dealing with a Variety of Issues at the Secondary Level
Teaching with Poverty: The Impact and Strategies
Poverty impacts over 46 million people in this country, and is more than just an economic and social problem.more...
The Parent Protocol: A Plan for Talking about Sensitive Issues with Parents
Teachers and parents alike often approach conferences with apprehension or nervous fear, especially if problems or difficult issues need to be discussed.more...
20 Strategies for More Productive IEP Meetings
Workshop Description: Are your IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings leaving you feeling overwhelmed or unproductive?more...
Promote Student Ownership of Goals and Learning with Student-led Conferences
How would you like your students to take ownership of their goals, their paths, and their learning?more...
Deciding What You Want to Be: Researching Career Choices
When you were little, deciding what you wanted to be when you "grew up" likely seemed easy - maybe a policeman, teacher, doctor, or astronaut.more...
When College is Not an Option: Alternative Ways to Find Your Dream Job
If a lot of people have been suggesting college to you, but you have no desire to go or if it's just not a possibility you want to consider, know that there are other options for finding a job.more...
How to Discuss Tragedy with Middle and High School Students
Whether confronted with the untimely death of a classmate, senseless school shootings, or destructive natural disasters, secondary students often need help understanding, making sense of, and dealing with tragedy.more...
Crisis Management: Communicating and Staying Connected to Staff, Parents, and Students
Communicating and staying connected during a crisis - whether it is a natural disaster or man-made - is critical for 21st century school leaders.more...

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This toolkit provided many useful ideas conducive to helping students succeed at the secondary level. I encourage all counselors to watch this series.
Very helpful discussion points for difficult conversations and situations.
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Wonderful webinar on STUDENT LED Conferences. Useful discussion and resources by Pernille Ripp. Thank you.
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I am glad I watched this! The info was helpful!
Good resources
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These were all very helpful! Thank you!
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Matt has a good heart for kids!
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Informative and easy to follow. Thank you, Brad!
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Awesome resources!
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