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iPad Toolkit: Student Projects

Explore a sampling of iPad projects that students can create and the apps that they can use.

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The portability and ease-of-use of iPads, along with a vast array of educational, innovative, and creative apps make them ideal for student projects. This toolkit contains webinars that provide a sampling of some of the types of projects that students can create and the apps that they can use. Discover apps and activities that facilitate collaboration and pair work, as well as ways to use QR codes to engage students. You will also learn about ways to use the power of peer instruction with student-created tutorials and educational aids. Hear how students can create their own eBooks with iBooks Author, produce amazing digital stories with green-screen effects, or convey information with pictures, comments, and markups. These webinars will also show how you can use and evaluate project-based learning with mobile devices, such as the iPad, to motivate learners to create engaging projects that integrate research.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Tools for Student Projects


  • iPad Toolkit: Student Projects
Working Together: iPad Apps that Facilitate Student Collaboration
While working together can often lead to great projects and develop collaborative skills, it can sometimes also create logistical problems as students try to share and integrate information.more...
Using QR Codes to Engage Students
Quick Response codes, or QR codes, have sometimes been referred to barcodes on steroids.more...
From the Mouths of Babes: Peer to Peer Instruction via the iPad
Are you harnessing the power of peer instruction in your classroom?more...
Picture Perfect iPad Apps: Conveying Information with Pictures
If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, think of the amount of information you or your students could convey with the right pictures - especially if they could be combined and shared with other pictures, markups, comments, or captions.more...
Project Based Learning with Mobile Devices
Session Description: The student-centered approach of project-based learning combined with the power of mobile devices can help students build 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.more...
Create Amazing Digital Stories Easily with Green-screen Effects and an iPad
Digital storytelling can be a great way for students to develop creativity and communication skills as they enhance their technology and organization skills.more...
Let's Partner Up! Pair Work Activities with the iPad
Using iPads allows students to create, think critically, and problem solve.more...
Create Your Own eBook with iBooks Author
Ever think you could create a better text book than the manufacturers?more...

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Good information.
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Good information.
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Good information.
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Good information.
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Great ideas!
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QR codes sound interesting and something fun to try.
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Working together was full of great ideas that I can't wait to try.
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Great ideas! These will surely help me get my students collaborating on iPads this coming year! Thanks to all the wonderful presenters!
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I found all of the webinars in the iPad toolkit extremely help and full of ideas, lessons, and tools that I can use in my classroom. Thanks to all the presenters.
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