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iPad Toolkit: Digital Storytelling

Discover digital storytelling iPad apps and strategies to enhance writing and communication skills.

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Are you looking for ways to help your students enhance their writing and communication skills? Digital storytelling not only enhances these skills it also goes a step further and provides a great way to promote creativity, innovation, collaboration, and technology skills. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss digital storytelling apps and strategies that can be used with iPads and other mobile devices to help writers demonstrate their knowledge and share and publish their thoughts. Discover apps that you or your students can use to combine pictures, captions, and markups to convey information and explanations, as well as how to produce videos on a variety of subjects to display mastery of a skill or at the culmination of a unit. You will also learn how to use an iPad to easily apply green screen effects and create amazing digital stories.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Digital Storytelling, Reading & Writing


  • iPad Toolkit: Digital Storytelling
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Excellent program and lots of resources! Jordan
Basic Member
4.75. I think this was another great toolkit. I feel that what is taken from it will definitely depend on your current tech level, but feel that it is wonderfully designed to help those on many levels. Id love to give special props and shot out to K.A. for the green screen webinar, because I felt it touched beautifully on two very important things- time management and mentors ( both having & being given the opportunity to be one ).
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Basic Member

Lots a great information. I really loved the insights to the grade levels that would be most benefited by the apps.
Basic Member
Great information, my students would love some of these ideas.
Basic Member
Great ideas to incorporate into the classroom.
Basic Member
Thanks for sharing.
Basic Member
Great! Thanks!
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Great info!
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