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iPad Toolkit: Managing Your Class, Students, and Paperwork

Timesaving apps and tips to manage your classroom, students, information, and paperwork.

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Would you like to manage your classroom, students, information, and paperwork more efficiently? This toolkit contains webinars that share iPad tools, apps, tips, and strategies to help ease transitions in your classroom, hold students accountable, and make your life managing a classroom of students much easier. Learn about a class management tool that can track attendance and behavior, distribute resources and handouts, conduct polling, assess learning, and more. You will also discover timesaving apps and tips for organizing online resources, reducing paperwork, and taking searchable digital notes that can include pictures or audio.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: iPads


  • iPad Toolkit: Managing Your Class, Students, and Paperwork
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Very helpful information!
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Very helpful information, lots of great iPad apps to use in the classroom! Thank you!
good information
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Great information, looking forward to exploring some apps.
Basic Member
Many, many resources to choose from. The advice I've heard resonating from these webinars is to choose one or two and see how it works. Advice well taken.
Very good ideas.
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Great ideas!
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Monica's voice was very faint. Great information, cause for reconsidering the "old ways"!
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Alot of information!
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