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College & Career Readiness: Science

Web tools, apps, and strategies to infuse science lessons with fresh ideas and engage your students.

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Students who are college and career ready have had a rigorous and broad curriculum, including the sciences. This toolkit contains webinars that explore various ways for your students to create, collaborate, and investigate as they explore scientific ideas, models, and concepts. Discover a variety of interactive websites, Web tools, apps, activities, and strategies that will infuse your science lessons with fresh ideas and engage your students. You will also learn about things you or your school can do to better educate future engineers and designers.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: College & Career Readiness


  • College & Career Readiness: Science
Connect, Create, and Collaborate with Science Websites, Web Tools, and Apps
Would you like to discover ways for your students to connect, create, and collaborate as they investigate and explore a variety of scientific ideas, models, and concepts!more...
Exploring NASA in the Non-Science Classroom
Do you think NASA is just for Science and Engineering?more...
Creating Review Games for Your Science Class with Free Web Tools
Would you like to incorporate fun activities that will engage your students and help them to retain key scientific concepts, terms, and facts?more...
Finding a STEM Web Site Thatís Right for You
There are so many web sites out there devoted to science, technology, engineering, and math that it can be difficult to sort through them and find the ones you need for your STEM classroom.more...
12 Web Tools to Enhance Your Science Class
How would you like to infuse your science lessons with fresh ideas to engage students and energize their learning?more...
Eww, That's Gross! Science Apps for Middle and High School Students
Would you like to engage your middle and high school students, spark inquiry, and help science concepts come alive for them?more...
7 Steps to Better Educate Innovative Engineers and Designers
To keep pace with expanding global competition and the rapid increases in technology, it is vital for the future of our society and our economy that we educate our students to be creative and innovative engineers and designers.more...

Reviews (8)

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Helpful and Informative
Basic Member
Learned about a lot of great science websites I can't wait to use!
Basic Member
Thank you!!
Basic Member
This program provided a phenomenal number of resources to be used in a science classroom. I will now spend time looking over them myself and adapting them to my classroom. Thank you.
Basic Member
I have used the Nova app for my anatomy and physiology students as a way for them to increase their chemistry exposure.
Full Member
Wow!! What a great resource! Students will love this.
Basic Member
Like the resources for ms & hs - eww...
Basic Member
Letia brings forward some really wonderful science specific sites.
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