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College & Career Readiness: Math

Tools, websites, strategies, and apps to reinforce mathematical concepts and practice.

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Colleges and many employers want applicants who have proficient math skills. Colleges, in particular, want applicants with a minimum math proficiency in Algebra and Geometry. This toolkit contains webinars that explore a variety of tools, websites, and apps that can be used to reinforce and practice algebraic and geometric concepts. They will also explore how to meet Common Core State Standards using blogging and other online digital tools, as well as how to provide real-life relevance and motivation to enhance problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. If you use mobile devices, you will also learn about a variety of mobile apps that can be used for middle and high school math intervention and acceleration.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: College & Career Readiness


  • College & Career Readiness: Math
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Reviews (7)

Basic Member
Excellent ideas and resources.
Full Member
Lots of really great usable information and resources.
Basic Member
Very informative.
Basic Member
I love this series and found these webinars to be very helpful! Thanks!
Basic Member
Thank you!!
Basic Member
I didn't have technical issues and found the series to be very helpful. The toolkit could have a few more webinars - maybe some vetted math games that are really good, not just babysitters.
Basic Member
I was able to watch about the first five minutes till the screen when green. The sound continued so I took notes. Some of what was being presented addressed visuals that I'm certain I would have paused to take notes on. Not sure if it's my computer that has the problem or the quality of the webinar. This never happened before.
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