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College & Career Readiness: Speaking, Listening, & Presenting

Strategies, tips, and lesson plans for developing better speakers, listeners, and presenters.

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Speaking, listening and presenting effectively are invaluable skills that that can help students in college or on the job. This toolkit contains webinars that provide an understanding of the Common Core State Standard Speaking and Listening expectations and share lesson ideas and activities to help students become effective oral communicators in various settings. In addition, you will discover a variety of digital communication tools that all teachers can use to help meet these standards. You will learn tips for creating good digital presentations, as well as overviews of some digital presentation tools that can be used collaboratively or individually.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: College & Career Readiness


  • College & Career Readiness: Speaking, Listening, & Presenting
Common Core Speaking and Listening: Meeting the Requirements for Digital Media
The Common Core State Standards require the use of digital communication tools as part of their speaking and listening standard, and as educators, we need to need to carefully consider those tools.more...
Exceeding the Common Core Speaking Standard and Creating Well Spoken Students
How well do your students speak?more...
Dos and Don'ts for Creating Good Presentations
Have you ever sat through a presentation that was either difficult to follow, visually jarring, or worse yet, put you to sleep?more...
Go Google for Presentations
Have you ever wanted students to collaborate on presentations outside of class, but file sharing and logistics were a problem?more...
Working with Pictures and Design Tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
One sure way to lose audience attention is to present plain white slides crammed with too much text or overcrowded with too many poorly arranged graphics.more...
From the Big Picture to the Smallest Detail: Go Beyond a Simple Slide Show
Discover how to create engaging presentations using Prezi, an online, zooming presentation tool that allows the viewer to see the "big picture" as well as the small details in a presentation.more...

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Very nice the Pretzi presentation.
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Great information!
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Great Suggestions!
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Great information!
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Great information and great resources!
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The information presented is not only vital for graduating seniors, but valid for college students and adults as well. Loved the Prezi presentation. I have used this program, but it's been awhile. Nice reminder!
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Awesome information and so helpful!
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