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College & Career Readiness: Keyboarding and Coding

Suggestions and strategies for improving keyboarding skills and exploring coding and HTML.

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Colleges and potential employers want technology-savvy applicants, and for many an essential part of being technology literate is the ability to use a keyboard and type proficiently. Other key technology skills include a fundamental knowledge of basic coding and the ability to use HTML. Not only are these employable skills, but they also help to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are key to being college and career ready. This toolkit contains webinars that will explore keyboarding strategies to help improve student speed on both computer keyboards and tablets. You will also discover how to introduce and explore coding with both elementary and secondary-level students, as well as how to use and explore HTML tags with your students.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: College & Career Readiness


  • College & Career Readiness: Keyboarding and Coding
Computer-based Keyboarding Strategies to Improve Student Speed
In order to be efficient and effective computer and Internet users, students need to be proficient at using a computer keyboard.more...
Keyboarding Strategies for the iPad
As more and more users switch to iPads and other tablets, the way in which many people learn to keyboard is changing, and even those who know how to type on a standard keyboard find they need to learn new strategies for typing on a tablet.more...
Keyboarding for Grades K-6: Online Web Resources and Apps
In this digital age, good keyboarding skills are becoming more and more crucial - even at the elementary grade levels.more...
HTML: It's Simpler than You Think!
Have you ever tried to add something to a blog or Web page but things just didn't look quite like you wanted them to?more...
Kids Need to Code: Exploring Coding with Your Middle and High School Students
Teaching middle and high school students to code greatly enhances their problem-solving skills and provides them with valuable skills that can help them become more successful in life.more...
Kids Need to Code: Introducing Your Elementary Students to Coding
Teaching students to code gives them a cutting edge on problem solving and helps them to be more successful in the future, and the younger they start, the better!more...

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Great information, thank you!
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So interesting. Love it.
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I found all of these webinars very interesting and resourceful ..great job
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interesting programs
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Great webinar with a ton of resources!
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Very good webinar: HTML: It's Simpler than You Think!
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Loved the Computer-based Keyboarding Strategies to Improve Student Speed!!
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