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Curation Toolkit

Curation tools to help you bookmark, organize, preserve, and share digital content.

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The Internet has made vast amounts of information readily available to both students and teachers, but with so much information, once you find something useful, how do you organize and keep track of it so that you can easily reference it later? Whether you are trying to stay abreast of professional development tips and trends, sharing resources with others, or trying to sort through research for a project, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to re-locate what you are looking for Ė unless the content has been curated properly. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss a variety of Web-based tools that will help you bookmark, organize, preserve, and store digital content so that you can find the information you want, when you need it, without endless searching. Discover various strategies and tips for helping students become curators of knowledge. If you use mobile technologies, learn how to curate and organize information using mobile devices.



  • Curation Toolkit
Bookmark, Collaborate, and Share Classroom Web Resources Easily with Diigo
Do you already use Diigo to bookmark and organize your favorite sites?more...
Discover an Easy Way to Organize, Access, and Share Web Resources
Are you searching for an easy way to organize the tons of great websites and resources you and your students use?more...
Sharing and Curation Made Simple Using Pinterest
Are you looking for new ways to organize, access, and share information, resources, and ideas?more...
Keep Yourself Organized with LiveBinders
Is your bookshelf full of old, dusty three-ring binders?more...
3 Top Tools for Content Curation
Do you find yourself bombarded with so much digital information - both useful and useless - that it's hard to keep track of the useful items you really want?more...
Curators of Knowledge: Students' New Role in the Digital Collaborative Classroom
In the digital, collaborative classroom, it has become increasingly important that students become curators of knowledge.more...
Make YouTube Work Better For You and Your Students! No LOLcatz Here!
Are you ready to increase your knowledge of YouTube beyond watching funny videos or playing a video here and there in class?more...
Researching Effectively through Mobile Devices: Curation and Aggregation
Many schools are beginning to see the potential and effectiveness of using mobile devices to improve literacy, because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...

Reviews (22)

Full Member
Excellent session on student role in collaborative classroom.
Full Member
Informative session on organizing resources
Full Member
Useful session on LiveBinders
Full Member
Good Pinterest session
Full Member
Good session on organizing web resources.
Full Member
Good resource for organization
Full Member
many great ideas. Thank you!
Basic Member
Itís wonderful all the information thank you.
Basic Member
The digital binder part will come in handy!
Basic Member
This had some really great ideas and resources that I had not thought of.
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