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Collaboration Toolkit (Legacy)

Discover a variety of tools, strategies, suggestions, and apps for collaborating and sharing.


Whether it is educators sharing ideas with other educators or students brainstorming and doing group projects with each other - collaboration strengthens learning and helps foster key skills. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss various free tools that facilitate easy collaboration, along with strategies for online projects and discussions that increase engagement and build collaborative skills. Learn about collaborative tools, such as shared documents, wikis, presentation tools, online sticky notes, online discussions, and more - and how you can use them in your classroom. You will also discover ways you can easily collaborate and share with fellow educators to learn best practices, distribute information, and enhance your professional development. If you use mobile technologies, you can also explore suggestions and strategies for using iPads, tablets, and mobile apps to share resources and collaborate.


Subject: SimpleK12 Legacy Assignments
Categories: Communication & Collaboration, Tools for Student Projects


  • Collaboration Toolkit (Legacy)
Productivity and Collaboration in the Cloud with Google Drive
Are you looking for a free word processing program?more...
Fighting Engagement Deficit Disorder with Blended Instruction
Getting and keeping your students' attention can frequently be a challenge.more...
Make Collaboration Easy with Google Presentations and Spreadsheets
Getting students to collaborate on a project usually presents a number of challenges - often they can't get together outside of class, it's difficult for them to share documents, or one student ends up doing most of the work on his or her computer.more...
Top Tools for Adding Your Voice to the Social Media Conversation
Are you ready to dive into the educators' social media world and begin sharing with others, but are unsure of the best way to do that?more...
Brainstorm and Share Using Online Sticky Notes
Learn how to effectively share and post online sticky notes on Wallwisher, Lino, and Scrumblr.more...
Project Ideas and Free Tools for Collaborative Learning
The Web is full of great free tools that help and encourage our students to collaborate on projects.more...
Connecting and Collaborating with Google Hangouts
Would you like to easily connect, collaborate, and communicate with other educators, parents, or classrooms- whether they're next door or around the world?more...
Use Your iPad to Share Resources, Collaborate, and Eliminate Paperwork
Like many educators, do you have lots of great resources you'd like to share with your colleagues or students, but aren't sure of the best way to go about it?more...
Working Together: iPad Apps that Facilitate Student Collaboration
While working together can often lead to great projects and develop collaborative skills, it can sometimes also create logistical problems as students try to share and integrate information.more...
Let's Partner Up! Pair Work Activities with the iPad
Using iPads allows students to create, think critically, and problem solve.more...

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Thank you for sharing all your ideas. They will be used!
Great ideas to pick from. Thank you!
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Good excelente learned so much from thanks
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good ideas
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Good ideas and useful in classroom.
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Fighting Engaged Deficit Disorder..... Awesome ideas with more than 10 web tools given that are really cool for my middle school students.
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Good information.
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Good information.
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Good information.
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Good information.
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