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Formative Assessment Toolkit

Formative Assessment made simple discover easy-to-use strategies, tips, and tools.

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Formative assessments can help you adjust your teaching and improve your students' learning. The formative assessment process not only helps you to provide feedback and make adjustments to future teaching, it can also assist you in making immediate modifications as learning is still happening. Learn what formative assessment is, how it differs from summative assessment, and why it is so useful in maximizing your time and improving student learning. Discover a variety of formal and informal ways to collect evidence of student performance and learning, as well as how to analyze and use that data. Hear about tools that will allow you to perform time-saving surveys, quizzes, and more that will help you inform your instruction. If you use mobile technologies, you will learn how to assess students and create detailed observations with iPads, tablets, and a variety of apps.



  • Formative Assessment Toolkit
Designing and Implementing Formative Assessments: It's Easier than You Think!
Everyone is talking about formative assessment these days, but do you know how to design and implement formative assessments in your school or classroom?more...
Free Web Tools for Easy Formative Assessment
Formative assessments can help you determine how students are progressing with content and make adjustments to instruction.more...
Aligning Assessments with Common Core State Standards
Have you been tasked with aligning your lesson plans with Common Core Standards?more...
Grading and Assessment with Google: Tips & Tricks to Save You Time
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of grading that piles up on your desk each year?more...
Use Voicethread as a Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Tool
Would you like to use the same web tool to explain concepts, encourage collaborative participation, and create alternatives to written assessments?more...
Make Google Forms Work for You!
You're probably familiar with Google Drive and may have used Google applications to create online documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, but have you ever used Google Forms?more...
Simplify Data Collection and Documentation with Google Forms
Have you been looking for the perfect way to document student progress, knowledge, performance, and anecdotals?more...
Assessing Student Learning with Tablets
You've no doubt heard - or know - that iPads and other tables are amazing teaching and learning tools.more...
Free Assessment Tools for Classrooms Using One-To-One Technology
If you are fortunate enough to have one-to-one technology in your classroom, you are likely using a variety of learning tools, but are you making full use of time-saving assessment tools?more...
Easily Create Detailed Classroom Observations with iPad Apps
Many educators have found themselves increasingly tasked with providing detailed observations and assessments of student behavior and work.more...

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great stuff
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What a simple easy way to track their answers!
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very well presented and informative
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Informative. My favorite was Free Assessment Tools for Classrooms Using 1:1 Technology.
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-Very pertinent and usable information
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Good information.
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Great information!
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