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Classroom Management Toolkit: Using iPads to Manage Behavior, Resources, & More

Strategies, tips, and iPad apps to manage student behavior, resources, paperwork, and time.

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If you have an iPad, or multiple iPads in your classroom, you are probably aware that they can help to enhance lessons and reinforce inquiry and learning, but did you know that you can also use them to manage student behavior, classroom resources, and more? This toolkit contains webinars that discuss how to use your iPad and a variety of iPad apps to help manage your studentsí conduct, as well as your resources, paperwork, and time. Find out how your iPad can be used to share resources, collaborate with others, eliminate paperwork, and stay organized. You will also discover how to use your iPad to control your computer or interactive whiteboard so you can teach from anywhere in the room. In addition, you will hear strategies for managing a one-iPad (or few-iPad) classroom, effective teaching tips for a one-iPad classroom, and how to set up and manage iOS devices.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Classroom Management


  • Classroom Management Toolkit: Using iPads to Manage Behavior, Resources, & More
Free iPad Apps for Classroom Management
Whether you're a teacher with one iPad or are working in a 1:1 classroom, there are plenty of free apps you can use to keep your students in check.more...
iPad Management in the 1-iPad (or Few-iPad) Classroom
Do you have an iPad - or perhaps a couple - that you'd like to use in your classroom, but aren't sure how to use and share them effectively with all of your students?more...
Use Your iPad to Share Resources, Collaborate, and Eliminate Paperwork
Like many educators, do you have lots of great resources you'd like to share with your colleagues or students, but aren't sure of the best way to go about it?more...
Stay Organized and Remember Everything!
Do you find yourself juggling so many priorities that sometimes you have difficulty remembering everything you need to do and the items you want to follow up on?more...
Digitize and Streamline Classroom Paperwork using Your iPad
Do you feel as though you are buried under paperwork?more...
Increase Classroom Mobility: Control Your Computer or IWB with Your iPad
As the iPad makes us more and more mobile, there are still a few school and classroom tasks that require sitting in front of a computer desktop.more...
Using Your iPad Effectively in a One iPad Classroom
Are you struggling to find ways to effectively use your single iPad in a classroom full of students?more...
Setting Up and Managing iOS Devices
Have you been tasked with setting up and configuring iOS devices for your classroom or your school?more...

Reviews (20)

Full Member
not sure if on my end of your but the audio keep cutting and in and out..hard to follow
Full Member
love learning about all the new and old apps to use in the classroom
Wonderful ideas and new apps to help with different types of classroom management!!
Full Member
Thank you!!
Full Member
Lots of information to absorb! Thank you!
Basic Member
Very enlightening. I loved knowing that there are free apps which help with classroom management!
Full Member
Thank you for sharing all these resources. Great presentations.
Basic Member
Now I need some Ipads....
Full Member
Great set of resources!
Basic Member
Very interesting! We have a few iPads for check-out, but would love to use them everyday.
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