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Researching Toolkit

Strategies, tips, and tools to help learners find, evaluate, integrate, and cite sources.


The exponential growth of the Internet and online sites has vastly increased the amount of information and sources available for research, but because of the sheer number of sites and sources, it can sometimes be difficult to sift through the information to find accurate, quality information. This toolkit contains webinars that will assist in finding, evaluating, and integrating resources. Learn tips for searching smarter and how students can use critical thinking skills to separate fact from fiction. Discover where to find primary sources, as well as how to use those primary sources. You will also find out how to research effectively with mobile devices by using them for note taking, bookmarking, curation, and aggregation. Finally, to help students give proper credit to the sources they use, hear about free tools that help them correctly cite their sources.


Subject: SimpleK12 Legacy Assignments
Categories: Internet Searches, Tools for Student Projects


  • Researching Toolkit
Helping to Meet Common Core: Finding, Evaluating, and Integrating Sources
Throughout the Common Core Standards, students are expected to find, evaluate, and integrate sources for informational text, and it is our job as educators to help students become actively involved in evaluating information and creating their own knowledge.more...
Google Search: 10 Tips to Help Your Students Search Smarter!
Students today have access to unlimited information via the Internet, but do they know how to find information?more...
Using Critical Thinking Skills to Separate Fact from Fiction on the Internet
Do your students sometimes have difficulty separating fact from fiction and distinguishing good sites from bad on the Internet?more...
Creating Webquests for Guided Research and Learning
Are you tired of having your students aimlessly wander around the Internet searching for websites in an unguided fashion?more...
Digital Differentiation - Digital Tools for Finding Information
Do your students find it difficult to process and sift through a lot of Internet information to find what they need?more...
Where in the World Can I Find Primary Sources?
Asking questions, making connections, and creating comparisons are concepts that repeat throughout the Common Core Standards.more...
How in the World Can I Use Primary Sources?
Once you've found the primary source documents you need, do you know how you might use them in your classroom?more...
Cite This: Two Free Tools that Make Citing Sources Easy!
Are you frustrated with the citations and bibliographies that students turn in - or worse yet, that they fail to turn in?more...
Researching Effectively with Mobile Devices: Note Taking and Bookmarking
Mobile devices are effective for improving literacy for students because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...
Researching Effectively through Mobile Devices: Curation and Aggregation
Many schools are beginning to see the potential and effectiveness of using mobile devices to improve literacy, because they get students engaged in skills such as note taking, bookmarking, scanning information, and summarizing large amounts of reading.more...

Reviews (8)

Full Member
So great!! Program was wonderful, will be using the resources.
Basic Member
These are so helpful. Ones I found to be particularly good were the Google Search Tips and the ;ast 2 about researching on mobile devices. Awesome!
Excellent resources.
Full Member
Many of the tools presented will be useful in the library, teaching the 4th and 5th graders how to safely find information on the internet.
Basic Member
Wonderful resources. Thank you for sharing!
Basic Member
Thanks for sharing!
Basic Member
So much information! Excellent demonstration of tools. Thanks for sharing!
Basic Member
Well presented and informative set of webinars.
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