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Digital Storytelling Toolkit for Secondary Grades

Digital storytelling tools, apps, and strategies to promote learning, sharing, and communication!

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Older students often enthusiastically embrace technology and express themselves through a variety of digital media, so why not encourage them to hone their writing skills and share their thoughts using digital storytelling and writing? This toolkit contains webinars that explore digital storytelling tools, apps and strategies that students can use to tell stories, demonstrate what they have learned, share their thoughts, and more! You will learn how to use Google docs, blogs, asynchronous discussions, online journaling, and more to teach digital writing and engage students’ higher order thinking skills. Learn how an interactive timeline can tell a story that promotes better organization, understanding, and comprehension; as well as how students’ stories and artwork can be shared in a published book. If you are using mobile technologies, discover apps and engaging iPad activities that enable students to weave together different media and express themselves creatively across the curriculum. You’ll also find out how students can use these mobile devices to capture their own images for presentations and digital storytelling projects.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Digital Storytelling, Reading & Writing


  • Digital Storytelling Toolkit for Secondary Grades
Foster Creativity and Innovation with Digital Storytelling
Most educators recognize the importance of helping students develop their creative and innovative abilities.more...
Digital Writing: Collaborate, Reflect, and Publish
In an era of texting, tweeting, Facebook updates, and blogging, digital writing is a necessary skill for success beyond the classroom.more...
Tell an Interactive Story with Timelines
Timelines can be more than a line of dates - they can tell a story!more...
Publishing Digital Books: Making Students' Work Come Alive
Have you ever wanted your students' stories and artwork to come to life in a published book?more...
Picture This: Grabbing Attention with Talking Pictures
Do you or your students need something new and different for presenting information?more...
iPhoneography for the Classroom
Today's mobile devices have cameras that rival the image quality of more expensive traditional cameras.more...
Using Digital Storytelling on the iPad to Foster Key Skills
Would you like to help your students develop and enhance their creativity, information fluency, communication, and collaboration skills?more...
Digital Storytelling Using the iPad
We have all experienced the magic of reading or hearing a compelling story.more...
Stories on the Go: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices
Students enjoy listening to stories and creating their own stories.more...

Reviews (16)

Full Member
I am willing to try anything that will motivate students to read.
I see how this can be used with any grade.
Basic Member
Great ideas and resources! Most of them in "My Content"!! Thanks a lot! Smiles, M :)
Basic Member
One of my favorite series of training! So many great ideas!!! Thank you so much! - Jordan
Basic Member
This was extremely helpful in giving alternative ways to be creative in the writing process. Thank you!
Basic Member
These were wonderful! I did not watch the webinars specifically related to the iPad because we don't use them. I was struggling to find a way to adapt one of my favorite projects during this digital hybrid year and I now have so many great ideas! Thank you!!
Basic Member
The whole program is great! Though I haven't watched the ipad series because we don't use it in here, all the webinars are awesome! I agree that Shelly is one of the best presenters inside the community for all the resources she shares. Thanks :)
Basic Member
4.75 I’ve watched both the elementary and secondary toolkits. I feel like the elementary toolkit has more to offer, but with that said, the secondary toolkit does mention some great tools for older students and does contain a good deal of the same content. Overall, they’re both great!
Basic Member
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