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Writing Toolkit for Secondary Grades

Tools, tips, and strategies to hone secondary studentsí critical and persuasive writing skills.

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In order to be college and career ready, secondary students must continue to hone their critical, analytical, and persuasive writing skills. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss techniques, tools, and strategies that teachers can use to help students master these skills. Discover tactics that students can use to get started writing, suggestions for using digital graphic organizers, tips for writing a strong paragraph, and ways to support a clear argument with evidence. Learn how your students can write more, while you spend less time grading! Explore collaborative, digital writing activities that can be used to improve studentsí writing and revision skills by publishing their works with Google Docs. If you are teaching middle-schoolers, see how to improve their writing with fun comic book tools and apps.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Reading & Writing, Response to Intervention (RTI)


  • Writing Toolkit for Secondary Grades
Writing: Getting Started with the Basics
When you are writing, do you struggle to get your point across?more...
Writing: How to Write a Strong Paragraph
Have you ever wondered when and why to start a new paragraph?more...
Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs
Would you like to improve your students' writing skills and help them bridge the gap between writing in school and writing in the real world?more...
Enhance Writing with Graphic Organizers
Writing can often be a scary and difficult process for many learners who struggle with expressing their ideas, arguments, creativity, and logic in written words.more...
Students Write More; You Grade Less!
Do you want your students to write more, but don't know how you would grade it all?more...
Reading and Writing Web Sites to Enhance Literacy and Engage Learners
Would you like to enhance your students' reading and writing skills in ways that not only engage the students, but that also help to seamlessly integrate technology into their learning?more...
Digital Writing: Collaborate, Reflect, and Publish
In an era of texting, tweeting, Facebook updates, and blogging, digital writing is a necessary skill for success beyond the classroom.more...
Common Core: Strategies for Teaching Argument Writing Across Curriculum
Are you unsure how to teach argument writing in your English, history, or science class?more...
Common Core: Integrating Web 2.0 Technology to Teach ELA Standards
Do you teach English, history, or science?more...
What Fun! Improve Literacy with 10 Free Comic Tools and Apps
Improving literacy is challenging when learners are not engaged with the material.more...

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I loved this class I can't wait to use the bell ringer comics in my class
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want to check out, this could work.
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presented in an organized way, helpful.
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well done, worth watching again!
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too much info. need to watch again!
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real-time editing of student work looks really interesting.
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digital portfolios are very cool!
Basic Member
checking out some of those graphic organizers
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like the color coding
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Good information and resources.
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