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Writing Toolkit for Elementary Grades

Tools, strategies, and activities to motivate elementary students and develop their writing skills.

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Writing, like many skills, typically improves with practice, so it is particularly important that students begin developing strong writing skills in early grades. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss engaging tools, classroom strategies, and activities to motivate your elementary students and develop their emerging skills. In addition to exploring several digital graphic organizers that can improve organization and pre-writing skills, you will also learn how to use a variety of digital storytelling tools to foster creativity and storytelling skills. Find out how to improve writing and encourage revisions with collaborative activities using Google Docs. You will also discover project ideas that align to Common Core, ways to publish studentsí work, and tools and tips to motivate young writers. If you have slightly older elementary students, you can hear ways to teach writing basics, such as parts of speech and active versus passive voice.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Reading & Writing, Response to Intervention (RTI)


  • Writing Toolkit for Elementary Grades
Use Digital Storytelling Tools to Enhance Writing and Engage Your Elementary Students
Learning to write at a young age is essential to later success, and providing engaging tools that allow your elementary students the opportunity to unleash their creativity while sharing and publishing their work can help sharpen their skills and foster a love of writing.more...
Reading and Writing Web Sites to Enhance Literacy and Engage Learners
Would you like to enhance your students' reading and writing skills in ways that not only engage the students, but that also help to seamlessly integrate technology into their learning?more...
Enhance Writing with Graphic Organizers
Writing can often be a scary and difficult process for many learners who struggle with expressing their ideas, arguments, creativity, and logic in written words.more...
Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs
Would you like to improve your students' writing skills and help them bridge the gap between writing in school and writing in the real world?more...
Motivated to Write! Tips and Tools to Inspire Our Learners
Writing can be a scary and difficult process for many learners who struggle with expressing their ideas, arguments, creativity, and logic in written words.more...
What Fun! Improve Literacy with 10 Free Comic Tools and Apps
Improving literacy is challenging when learners are not engaged with the material.more...
Writing: Getting Started with the Basics
When you are writing, do you struggle to get your point across?more...
Project Ideas for Elementary Students that Align to Common Core Language Arts
A great way to engage students is with collaborative projects that align to Common Core standards.more...
Publishing Digital Books: Making Students' Work Come Alive
Have you ever wanted your students' stories and artwork to come to life in a published book?more...
Stories on the Go: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices
Students enjoy listening to stories and creating their own stories.more...

Reviews (22)

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Great information! Thanks
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Basic Member
Basic writing was th best
Basic Member
Good information.
Basic Member
I really liked Erin Klein's Animal book that she had the kids publish.
Basic Member
Good presentation but not something I can use with my classes.
Basic Member
Good ideas for writing; great that the websites shared are free!
Basic Member
Great presentation and ideas for writing. Great activities for students,
Basic Member
Teachers of language arts should already be aware of the basics of grammar, no matter what level!!!! However, this is useful for teachers of other subjects who must teach students to write explanations on all types of tests. I liked the idea of using color to emphasize the part of speech, etc being taught. I also liked the idea of online interactive quizzes for student practice.
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