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Reading Toolkit for Elementary Grades

Tools, resources, and strategies, to develop and strengthen reading skills in elementary students.

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Getting younger children excited about reading and helping struggling readers succeed can be crucial to their success in other subjects and in later grades. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss strategies, resources, and digital tools that will help energize the reading instruction of your elementary students. Whether you are encouraging proficient readers or helping struggling readers, this toolkit contains tools and suggestions that can help you motivate, strengthen, and engage your readers. In addition, you will discover how to improve literacy with tools such as comic book apps, as well as how to use historical fiction to encourage reading and bring American history to life. If you are using mobile technologies, you will find suggestions and tips for using mobile apps that get students excited about reading, support struggling readers, and that align to ELA common Core State Standards.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Reading & Writing, Response to Intervention (RTI)


  • Reading Toolkit for Elementary Grades
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Reviews (37)

Full Member
WOW, the resources to explore, excited to starting using.
Full Member
There are so many apps to explore. Thanks for the great resources.
Full Member
Great information.
How can I view the video?
Full Member
Basic Member
Brandon did an excellent job. He had a lot of information. I wish that he would have split the webinar into two sections, he had more in the presentation than time allotted. Grateful for the information.
Full Member
Very informative. Great sites and apps to try. Thank you!
Good suggestions.
Basic Member
Great information regarding Dyslexia and what to look for in class. Using comics to teach ELA was good. Many wonderful suggestions of APPs to use when planning and instructing.
Basic Member
I think there is a lot of information in this tool kit. they revisit a lot of the sites etc. which was helpful to me. I made a list of what sites/apps I am going to check out first and will go from there. I highly recommend this toolkit for both the novice and for someone who is more experienced with using digital tools. Well worth the time can't wait to use what I have learned.
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