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Differentiated Learning Toolkit

Discover tools, strategies, and suggestions for differentiating your instruction.

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Not all students learn in the same way and the increasing diversity of students within a classroom can make it challenging to meet the learning needs of all students, so how can you best reach them all? One way to effectively reach more students is by differentiating your instruction, but what does that involve and how do you go about doing that in an efficient manner? This toolkit contains webinars that discuss how to differentiate instruction and explore a variety of online and digital tools and techniques for designing learning experiences that are meaningful to all students. You will learn how you can use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to remove barriers and help all students learn, as well as how to create online lessons with screencasts and audio. You will discover techniques for personalized learning and find out ways to differentiate your instruction and your assessments to help meet Common Core State standards.


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Categories: Differentiation & Personalization


  • Differentiated Learning Toolkit
Digital Differentiation: An Overview of Digital Tools and Resources
Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate learning experiences to address the diverse needs of all students.more...
Digital Differentiation - Digital Tools for Finding Information
Do your students find it difficult to process and sift through a lot of Internet information to find what they need?more...
Digital Differentiation - Digital Tools for Understanding Information
Use of digital text can provide all students with meaningful and equal access to information, but do students always understand what they find?more...
Digital Differentiation - Digital Tools for Using Information
To effectively meet the diverse needs of all learners, teachers must design relevant learning experiences that provide students with multiple means of action and expression.more...
Reaching All Learning Styles Using a Free Online Tool to Deliver Personalized Content
Would you like an easy way to organize tools and resources so that you can easily reach all learning styles in your classroom?more...
Remove Barriers and Help All Students Learn with Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
With the ever-growing pressure to meet state standards and raise test scores, how do educators help all students learn in the digital age?more...
Lessons That Talk: Create Differentiated and Online Lessons with Screencasts and Audio
Have you ever wanted to easily create online lessons that include audio and video?more...
Transforming Education with Personalized Learning and Differentiated Instruction
Would you like to be able to deliver a more personalized, relevant learning experience to each of your students?more...
Differentiating Instruction and Assessments for the Common Core ELA standards
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts were designed to support teachers with differentiating literacy instruction and assessment.more...
Differentiating Lessons to Meet the Common Core
The Common Core State Standards present a series of goals to help ensure the success of students, and differentiating lessons can be powerful way of helping all of your students meet these standards and goals.more...

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Full Member
Full Member
This set of webinars took me some time to finish and I am really thankful for all the information they have provided. They have been very rewarding and useful. Let's move to another set! Thanks :)
This webinar gave a lot to think about.
Basic Member
Thank you for a very informative webinar
Basic Member
Great information.
Basic Member
Helpful ideas. Thank you

Basic Member
Very informative- especially in light of hybrid teaching.
Basic Member
very thorough
Basic Member
Webinar is 6 years old, but provides excellent insight to Project Based Learning, Flipped Classrooms, and others tools to differentiate and enhance students learning.
Basic Member
Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for Common Core ELA Standards was very informative and describes the "spiral" of ELA strands that makes the deciphering easier and the use of Kagan stratigies with the lessons. The North Carolina Department of Public Education has done a formidable job.
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