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STEM Toolkit for Secondary Grades

Websites, strategies, and apps to enhance STEM-related subjects in secondary grades!

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Many secondary schools are striving to encourage their students to develop a stronger background and interest in STEM-related subjects. To help facilitate that, this webinar toolkit contains webinars that will help you incorporate a variety of strategies, online tools, websites, and mobile apps into your STEM instruction. In addition it will offer suggestions and strategies for meeting Common Core State Standards in math. Discover ways to collaborate and create review games for science classes, as well as how to rejuvenate your algebra and geometry classes. Learn strategies for educating potential engineers and designers, as well as how to encourage girls as STEM scholars. If you are using mobile technology, you will find iPad applications that can be used to engage students in middle- and high-school science classes, as well as for math intervention and acceleration.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: STEAM


  • STEM Toolkit for Secondary Grades
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Reviews (13)

Great resources. Anything by Letia Cooper is especially helpful and wonderful! Highly recommend.
Excellent resources. As of July, 2021 Braingenie is no longer available but it seems like you can get most of the same things from the rest of the CK site.
Basic Member
Nice view of lots of sources!
Basic Member
This was really good. Such a great resource!
Full Member
A lot of great ideas and websites to look into to enhance my classroom.
I felt as though I was jotting and typing ideas throughout all of these resources. I love a PD that leaves me with loads of ideas versus droll explanation!
Basic Member
So many excellent resources! I appreciate the information and will be using a lot of these in my class :)
Basic Member
I love so many of these ideas! I think it is so important to encourage girls to love science as much as I do!
Basic Member
Thank you for sharing:)
Basic Member
Great way to study. Looking forward to trying it out.
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