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Bullying Intervention Toolkit

Strategies, guidelines, and tips for recognizing and dealing with all types of bullying behaviors.

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Whether done face-to-face or "anonymously" online, bullying can have devastating and long-lasting effects on its victims, and it is essential that educators do all they can to identify and effectively deal with any instances of bullying. This toolkit contains webinars that will help teachers learn to recognize, defuse, and address different types of bullies and bullying behaviors. Discover suggestions and advice for dealing with online bullying and learn about resources you can use to help teach students what to do if they are cyberbullied and how they can avoid becoming cyberbullies themselves.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Administrator Resources, Response to Intervention (RTI), School Safety


  • Bullying Intervention Toolkit
The Lowdown on Bullying: Understand and Identify Bullying
Do you, like many people, think bullying consists primarily of older boys targeting younger children?more...
Prevent or Defuse Bullying: Strategies for Reining in Bullying
How many times have you heard a child counseled to ignore being picked on, to toughen up, or to fight back?more...
Explore Cyberbullying: Strategies for Identifying and Dealing with Cyberbullies
Face-to-face bullying can make anyone's life miserable, but victims of "good old-fashioned" bullies can often physically remove themselves from the situation.more...
Do These Digital Natives Truly Know How to Use the Internet?
Your technology-savvy students may think that they know how to use the Internet - but do they know how to use it safely, effectively, and ethically?more...
Little Girls Can Be Mean: Strategies for Addressing Bullying by Young Girls
While the physical altercations and bullying by boys is sometimes more visible, mean behavior on the part of girls and their emotional bullying can be just as damaging.more...
Girls Getting Meaner: Strategies for Dealing with Middle and High School Bullying
Adolescence is a time when girls are known for cliques, relational aggression, and social exclusion.more...
The Language of Peer Aggression: Recognizing and Defusing Bullying
Peer aggression and bullying remain hot topics in the media with school shootings, high profile bullying and cyberbullying cases, and major plotlines on televisions shows such as "Glee.more...

Reviews (73)

Full Member
The webinars “Little Girls Can Be Mean” and “Girls Getting Meaner” were especially insightful. The information was up to date and relevant for the current school climate.
great insight! Thank you

good info.
This really helps reinforce some of the things I have learned over the last few years and keep my mindset where it should be about bullying and other situations where students are at risk.
Full Member
This program gave me many points to focus on that I had not previously considered.
I liked the content - there were a lot of points brought up that I hadn't considered, particularly ways to identify covert bullying. I just wish there had been a little more information on bullying among older kids. The majority of the tools and resources mentioned focused primarily on the primary grades.
Full Member
I appreciate being given information regarding the importance of bystander intervention.
Full Member
Recognition and awareness can lead to prevention.
Full Member
The information was interesting.
Thank you!
Full Member
Very interesting information.
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