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New Teacher Toolkit

Tips, strategies, resources, and tools to help new teachers thrive not just survive!

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Being a new teacher can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to manage a classroom, your students, all the grading, technology issues, and parent communication can be time-consuming and frustrating. This toolkit contains webinars that address how to make the transition into teaching much easier and less stressful. Discover tips, strategies, and tools for managing your classroom, students, and grading. Learn how technology can save you time and help you with communication, grading, professional development, and more without frustrating you!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Classroom Management, Organizational & Time-saving Tools


  • New Teacher Toolkit
New Teacher Tool Kit: Using Free Digital Tools to Support Your Practice
The first years of practice for teachers can be filled with great hope and exhilaration, as well as fatigue and anxiety.more...
Surviving the 1st Month of School! 10 Tips & Resources
While the prospect of facing new learners can be exciting, beginning a new semester can also be rather stressful.more...
Survival Tips and Project Ideas for Teaching with Technology
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Classroom Management: Quick and Simple Fixes
Do you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time trying to keep your students focused?more...
Make Teaching Easier and Learning Fun with Edmodo
Social networking sites hold great allure for many students and make it easy to communicate with lots of people at once, but many of them have too many privacy and safety concerns for classroom use.more...
Top 10 Mistakes Teachers Make When Using Technology and How to Avoid Them
When you use technology with your class, do you think that you are you using it correctly?more...
Save Time and Simplify Your Grading
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Designing and Implementing Formative Assessments: It's Easier than You Think!
Everyone is talking about formative assessment these days, but do you know how to design and implement formative assessments in your school or classroom?more...
Use Google Tools to Improve Communication with Parents
Connecting with parents is vital for a successful classroom.more...
To Homework, or Not to Homework: That is the Question
An ongoing debate rages among many educators over whether or not homework is truly necessary in today's classrooms.more...

Reviews (20)

Lots of good information
Full Member
I really enjoyed learning about teaching with technology
Full Member
I never thought about having kids interact with other students from other schools via the computer. I have invited guest speakers via zoom and it has always been a positive experience so far.
Great take away information. Thank you.
Great ideas..thank you.
Great resources. Thanks!
Basic Member
Great information for both new and experienced teachers.
Basic Member
So much information! This has all been very helpful for a new teacher!
Basic Member
Very Informative on what Edmodo can do and planning on trying using in this year. Thank for helping I would have been overwhelmed if I tried it by myself.
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