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Simplify Grading and Streamline Assessments - Time-Saving Toolkit Vol. 2

Valuable time-saving tools and strategies to administer, grade, and analyze quizzes and tests.

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Does it seem like you spend too much of your time grading quizzes and tests? Do you wish there were easier ways to analyze or share your students’ test results? Would you like to do more formative assessments, but you’re not sure how to get started or are afraid they will just consume more of your time? If any of these sound familiar to you, this toolkit is just what you’re looking for! In it, you will find a variety of Web tools and strategies that can simplify and streamline grading and assessments. Join experienced educators as they share valuable time-saving tools and strategies that you can use to administer, grade, and analyze student quizzes and tests. You will learn about options for self-grading tests and paperless grading, as well as time-saving solutions that help you combine assignments and grading with communication, making it easier to communicate with parents and students. You will discover not only how to make formative polls, surveys, and assessments fun and engaging for your students, but also how to easily collect information and use it to inform your instruction. Learn all of this and much, much more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Organizational & Time-saving Tools


  • Simplify Grading and Streamline Assessments - Time-Saving Toolkit Vol. 2
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Basic Member
Thank you for sharing these!
Basic Member
Wow! So many time saving tips! I may actually have time! :)
Great resource.
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Great info.
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Great! Thanks!
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Great ideas to make grading easier.
Basic Member
Good information. I can use some of these things with my third graders!
Basic Member
Helpful webinar. I really like the comparison graph that shows the time savings and comparisons with paperless grading. Thank you.
Basic Member
Great info. I never thought that using Google docs could be this useful.
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