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Reduce Clutter and Get Organized - Time-Saving Toolkit Vol. 1

Strategies, tools, and apps to get organized, save time, stay on track, and reduce frustration!

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by piles of paperwork? Is it difficult to locate the online tools, resources, and information that you need or would like to share? Do you sometimes struggle to keep track of appointments and remember all the tasks you are supposed to do? If you wrestle with any of these issues, this toolkit is perfect for you! Discover a variety of free Web tools, mobile apps, and strategies to get organized, save time, stay on track, and reduce frustration. These presentations from experienced educators will help you discover how to organize online files, documents, and resources so that you can easily access and share them with colleagues, students, or parents. Presenters will discuss free tools and helpful strategies you can use to keep track of the appointments, events, and notes you need to remember. You will also learn how you can help your students become better organized with a variety of free Web tools and resources. Discover all of this and much, much more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Organizational & Time-saving Tools


  • Reduce Clutter and Get Organized - Time-Saving Toolkit Vol. 1
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Reviews (18)

I really liked how he used evernote to organize lesson plans
Basic Member
Some very useful ideas. I would like to see the LiveBinders implemented at my school.
Has anyone used this with students with severe ADHD?
Great resource.
Basic Member
Love the Google calendar
Basic Member
Great Information. Thanks
Basic Member
This is useful. Thanks!
Basic Member
Many useful tips, tricks, ideas, examples and resources!
Basic Member
Evernote is something I might consider now that I saw this and he said it works on chrome books.
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