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iPads in Special Education Toolkit

iPad strategies, apps, and tips to engage, empower, and enable special needs students.

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Many students find iPads engaging, and this is especially true for those students with special needs. This toolkit contains webinars that explore various iPad strategies, apps, and classroom tips that engage, empower, and enable special needs students. Discover apps that will help special needs students develop reading, math, social, speech, behavior, and fine motor skills. Learn about augmentative and alternative communication apps, as well as special accommodations and apps for visually impaired students. Hear tips for using and customizing the iPad to meet IEP goals for students with disabilities. Find out how to use iBooks Author with a focus on accessibility and discover a variety of apps that are good for content creation in the special needs classroom. Explore all of this and more!


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Special Education


  • iPads in Special Education Toolkit
Empowering All Students: iPads in the Special Needs Classroom
The iPad has the ability to work wonders with Special Needs students.more...
Mobile Apps for Special Ed: Social and Fine Motor Skills
Are you looking for ways to improve your students' social skills?more...
Mobile Apps for Special Ed: Reading, Math, Speech, and Behavior
While iPads and iPad apps can be engaging and aid in instruction in almost any classroom, they can be especially useful in the Special Ed classroom.more...
Augmentative and Alternative Communication iPad Apps for Special Needs
The iPad has opened up a whole new world for students with significant disabilities - allowing many of them to communicate and interact like never before.more...
Customizing the iPad and Selecting Apps to Meet IEP Goals for Students with Disabilities
The iPad can be a terrific tool for students with disabilities, as well as their teachers, and this webinar will discuss ways to integrate the iPad into their learning environment.more...
Content Creation: iPad Apps for the Special Needs Classroom
The latest version of the iPad is equipped with a camera capable of capturing both high resolution images and video.more...
Special Accommodations and Apps for the Visually Impaired
If you need to provide special accommodations for blind or visually impaired students, this webinar is for you!more...
App Attack: Special Needs
Did you know that the iPad has built in features for Special Needs students?more...
Using iBooks Author with the Focus on Accessibility and Diverse Needs
Using iBooks Author with a Focus on Accessibility and Diverse Needs

Are you trying to reach students with diverse learning styles or special needs?more...
Using iPad Apps to Meet IEP Goals in Special Ed
While having well-thought-out Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals can positively impact special needs students' learning outcomes, meeting those goals can often be challenging.more...
iPad Applications for Middle and High School Math Intervention and Acceleration
Do you have students who are struggling or need acceleration with math?more...
iPad Applications for Supporting Struggling Readers
Do you have students who are struggling with reading - and therefore struggling to learn?more...
iPad Applications for Math Intervention
Do you have students who are struggling with math?more...

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Great information!
I liked it and are their and CEUs for credit on this?
Full Member
Very useful!
Basic Member
These are very useful tips and great resource. Easy to access too.
Overall, very informative. Where are the google docs located?
Thank you for all the great apps shared for behavior and assessment!
Good resource.
Basic Member
thank you for my vip experience
Basic Member
I learned a great deal about new iPad updates. I would like in the further that you make sure the webinars are not repeats. Many of the apps that where in each app were repeats.
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