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Common Core for Teachers Toolkit - Vol. 2

Tools, apps, and resources for design and deliver content and testing that aligns to Common Core.

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Are you looking for ways to implement Common Core State Standards in your classroom or your school? Weve made it easy for you to find a wealth of Common Core information in one spot with 12 more webinars that address a variety of Common Core topics. You will learn how to plan and create engaging content and lessons that support Common Core Standards using a variety of online resources, tools, iPad apps, and blended instruction. You will find out how to align your assessments to the standards, how to create instructional guides for teaching the standards, and how to meet requirements for digital media. You will also discover how to implement effective PD for Common Core Standards.

For additional information, you can also reference the Common Core for Teachers Toolkit, Vol. 1.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Common Core


  • Common Core for Teachers Toolkit - Vol. 2
Create Engaging Lessons to Support the Common Core
Do you have some great resources that you'd like to combine into engaging, Common-Core-aligned lessons?more...
Create Common Core Content with Confidence!
Want to learn about many quality resources to support your curriculum this fall?more...
Teaching to the Common Core Standards Using Blended Instruction
Overwhelmed by the idea of transitioning to a new set of standards?more...
Finding Online Resources and iPad Apps to Understand and Implement Common Core
As more and more states adopt and implement the Common Core Standards, many educators are feeling a bit lost and uninformed about the standards and tasks and how their district or state is adapting them to local curriculum.more...
Aligning Assessments with Common Core State Standards
Have you been tasked with aligning your lesson plans with Common Core Standards?more...
Planning and Implementing Effective PD for Common Core State Standards
The transition to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts places huge professional development demands on schools and districts.more...
Creating Digital Instructional Guides for Teaching Common Core State Standards
Teacher-created curriculum maps and instructional guides can be invaluable resources, especially with new curricular standards.more...
A Toolbox of Reading and Math Tools for the Elementary Classroom
Would you like to engage your elementary students with Math and Reading tools that align to Common Core and other state standards?more...
Energize ELA Lessons: iPad Apps that Align to Common Core
Are you an elementary or middle school teacher looking for ways to revitalize and energize your Language Arts lessons, while meeting some of the Common Core Standards for ELA?more...
Tech Tools to Integrate the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practices
The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice were designed to be integrated into all math instruction across all grade levels.more...
Exploring the Role of Literature in Common Core Standards
As teachers are tasked with aligning their curriculum to the Common Core State Standards, many teachers have questions about the role of literature and the use of fiction versus non-fiction works.more...
Common Core Speaking and Listening: Meeting the Requirements for Digital Media
The Common Core State Standards require the use of digital communication tools as part of their speaking and listening standard, and as educators, we need to need to carefully consider those tools.more...

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thank you
Full Member
Great presentation. So much I have not hear of, cant wait to try.
Roxie Banks
Full Member
Entire set of Volume 2 Common Core Teacher Tool kit is an excellent source of teacher directed PD seminars providing and citing great number of resources.
Full Member
Excellent resources
Basic Member
Nice compilation of resources.
a lot of good and free resources
Full Member
Amazing number of free and low cost websites presented with examples of class application, at different grade levels. Great resources for librarians to share with teachers, as needed.
Basic Member
Great resources and presentations of the standards...very helpful for new teachers
Full Member
Great ideas and tools to help a teacher implement common core standards.
Basic Member
i liked educlipper.
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