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Pearson Math and Scholastic Storyworks Grading

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9 months ago
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find RETURNED Pearson Math assignments and Scholastic Storyworks assignments?

We have posted assignments in each. The students to them ad return them, but we cannot find them.

I have read Pearson assignments are graded before being returned to the teacher, but I have no way to verfy this.
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5 months ago
I don't actually use Storyworks, but I recognized the same challenge in our programs that are self-grading. If I want the score to go to my page, I need to assign the story not just tell them to read it. It doesn't save the scores in my folders.

I looked up Storyworks online. I think it's the same challenge.

This is the best post I found:

How do I use your self-scoring Google Form quizzes?

Ready to try Storyworks’s new-and-improved self-grading quizzes? First, go to Storyworks Online and click on any article’s story card. Once it flips over, click “Resources.”

Now scroll down to the “Quizzes” section of the Resources. Hover your mouse over the “Google Form Quiz” thumbnail.

When you’re ready to give the quiz to your students, assign it using the “Share to Google Classroom” button or using the “Copy Link” button, share it through another learning management system, send it by email, copy and paste the link in a chat, embed it on your website, or share the link on social media.

Every quiz has an answer key for its multiple-choice questions already built-in so that student responses can be graded automatically. The results are instantly organized into a spreadsheet and sent to a new folder in your Google Drive.

Best of all, Google provides immediate insights about individual and class responses in the “Responses” tab of the form, including:

Frequently missed questions

Graphs displaying class answer choices

Average, median, and range of scores

Whenever you’re ready to add individual feedback to your students’ constructed response questions, they’ll all be waiting for you in the “Responses” tab of your form, or in the same folder as the spreadsheet in your Google Drive.

These quizzes allow you to provide highly customized feedback. If a student doesn’t understand a concept or could use extra practice, insert a link or any YouTube video so they can review material on their own.

Then, with a click of the “Release” button, graded quizzes are returned to your students via email or Google Classroom.
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