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The benefits of introducing Newsela Learning Platform in English Language Arts class for 3rd to 12th grade level readers.

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4 years ago
The benefits of introducing the Newsela learning platform in English Language Arts class for 3rd to 12th-grade level readers. is an online platform that offers numerous articles at different reading levels for students at the elementary to high school grade levels. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic crisis that has impacted how teachers instruct students, the site is offering free access to their resources. Teachers create an account, create a classroom, and have access to lesson plans in English language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Updates on current news and events are available as well as community resources for students, teachers, parents, administrators, etc.

Newsela articles are published at 5 reading levels. The lowest level is the 3rd-grade reading level and the highest level is the 12th-grade reading level. Students engage in challenging textbase articles that relate to the real world. New text is published every day from teachers around the world. Teachers have access to one reading assignment (or Science, Math, Social Studiesódepends on your subject), or a weekly lesson plans for students to participate in. A student checklist is also provided for students to respond to what they have learned from the assignment. Students are given prompts for the entire week Monday-Friday. After completing their reading assignment (or the subject the teacher assigned) there are quiz questions to check for understanding of the material. The studentís quiz results help teachers monitor student progress. Teachers are also able to adjust studentís reading levels. I have created my own classroom and assigned one article for the 9th graders in Spanish and a week assignment with a checklist for students to respond to the prompts such as, what did you learn reading the article onÖ. (refer to Newsela Resources for the Spanish article and lesson plan for the week) Teachers give students a sign-in code to complete the assignment. Only students from the teacherís class are given this code.

Newsela Resources:

Newsela Platform Introduction


Spanish Article Assigned

Weekly Lesson Plans Assigned: 6Y4TKX

Student sign-in code to access assignment from their classroom teacher:

Or enter the code 6Y4TKX.
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1 year ago
I discovered this website many years ago and I love it.

I agree it offers plenty of useful activities.

It is worth trying and anytime I can I suggest it!
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11 months ago
Students benefit from technology in a number of ways, including improved conceptual understanding, word wipe improved inter-class communication, increased motivation, and increased self-directed learning.

Last updated: 11 months ago

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5 months ago
Newsela is an instructional content tool that allows teachers to select articles that are dino game appropriate for their students' reading levels. Newsela articles also include common core-aligned questions and writing prompts.
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4 months ago
With Newsela, educators may assign children reading material based on their individual reading levels. The stories on Newsela also come with questions and writing prompts that are geared for the common core. basketball stars

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2 months ago
Newsela provides articles at undertale yellow various reading levels, allowing differentiation for students with different reading abilities within the same class. This personalized approach supports struggling readers while challenging advanced ones.

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