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Middle school Girl Bullying

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5 years ago
Searching for ways to help students develop tactics to handle the inappropriate mean girl behavior in middle school. While we know this behavior negatively impacts the targeted children’s self esteem, it also impacts their academic growth and social well being.

Valuable class time is wasted with these behaviors.

What have you done or programs your school has found helpful to reach both the bully and the bullied?
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4 years ago
A few things my former school did:

1.) Reward kindness. We had an anonymous box where students could "brag" on other kids being kind. Teachers would take note and keep an eye to verify the kindness and then reward the students. Those rewards could be as simple as a pencil and as big as a free jean day or pizza party.

2.) Consequences of negativity. We had a different box to report bullying. Our campus dean of students would walk around and observe reported students here and there throughout the day as well as inform the teachers of the report. Teachers and dean would meet twice a week to discuss their observations. If bullying or other negative behavior was observed, there were different consequencesall negative.

3.) Problem Tear: I do this activity with my classes periodically. Have each student take a piece of paper and write down 3 problems they are having or have been having. They can sign or not sign. The teacher reads one or two problems from each paperno names. After reading these things, the teacher tears all of the sheets up and explains how everyone has difficulties, but the teachers are here for them.

4.) Build up Exercise: I follow problem tear with this exercise. Each student takes a different sheet of paper and writes one compliment about every student on this sheet. NAMES MUST BE ON THE SHEET! I then take the sheets and type up every compliment from every student and include the name of the complimentor. There have been friendships formed from this activity because students didn't realize that others thought highly of them. Make sure that the teacher includes a compliment from themselves for each kid!
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