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RE: Digital Learning Specialist vs. Instructional Specialist

Alan Luiz  —  3 days ago

Pros: Expertise in digital tools: Digital Learning Specialists are proficient in utilizing a wide range of digital tools and platforms to enhance teaching and learning experi... more

RE: Digital Learning Specialist vs. Instructional Specialist

Mira23  —  4 days ago

The roles of a Digital Learning Specialist and an Instructional Specialist may overlap in some aspects, but they generally have distinct focuses and responsibilities within t... more

RE: The Sandwich Technique

Billie34  —  4 days ago

While the sandwich technique can be effective in certain situations, it's important to use it judiciously and be mindful of its limitations.

RE: Google Meet for Kindergarten

Mira23  —  4 weeks ago

Using Google Meet for kindergarten classes or other early childhood education settings can be a useful way to facilitate virtual learning and communication.
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In: Digital Learning Specialist vs. Instructional Specialist
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