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How to Avoid the Top Five Time Wasters in Your Classroom

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Do you ever feel like you never get as much done in your class as you had planned to do? Do you find yourself wondering where the time went? This webinar will help you deal with some of the top time wasters in your classroom so that you can stay on track. In this webinar, join Darren Barkett as he covers how to deal with students who are chronically tardy, students who fail to turn things in on time, and students who repeatedly forget to put names on papers. He will also address how to handle excessive bathroom breaks, as well as how to avoid arguing with your students. Come learn how to get started teaching on time and how to plan your lessons to run the last minute!


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Thursday, May 19, 2016 @ 5:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Classroom Management, Organizational & Time-saving Tools, Response to Intervention (RTI)
Tags: classroom management, DOL627, Organizational and Time-saving Tools, Response to Intervention (RTI), student management, time management

Reviews (87)

Full Member
outstanding, good stuff!
Full Member
Good information
Full Member
Great stuff! It is very important to set expectations for the classroom and hold true to them consistently!
I agree that consistency is the hardest part of any classroom management. Your system is straightforward and simple for the kids to understand. Thanks!
Full Member
Great reminders particularly about being consistent. Will give the mark system a try.
Full Member
The webinar was a good review of how to handle behavior in the classroom.
Full Member
Thanks for the information Darren...always good to get a mental check on daily routines
Full Member
I have been reluctant to use the positive behavior program that is in place for our school. I believed that it was actually just recording students' negative behaviors. However, after watching this webinar I NOW know that most of my major discipline problems are my own doing, by not marking students' behavior. If you don't have discipline in your classroom then you literally are talking to the four walls. This webinar tackles the 5 major discipline problems that I have been trouble with for some time.
Great presentation! I like the mark system and am going to try it this year. Thank you for the top five list as it is true that those top five encompass most problems in the classroom and I can focus on those major areas.
Full Member
I thought webinar was great. I have a system similar to the mark system that works so I will continue to use it. I realized that I need to make sure I review what each behavior is and practice with students to they will remember them.
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