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A Virtual History Trip to the Smithsonian: Archives, Images, Educational Resources, and More!

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Have you ever wished you could take your students back in time on a virtual field trip? Or have you ever wanted to explore the Smithsonian without leaving your classroom? This webinar will take you on a trip around the Smithsonian Institution Archives to help uncover both the archives and the stories behind the collections. Discover historical images, articles, drawings, and documents, as well as oral and video history collections that have been digitized so they are available to all.

Join Melissa Edwards as she shares how to find these treasures, along with examples of how to use them in your classroom. She will also explore a collection of online teaching resources for K-12 teachers provided by the Smithsonian.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: General
Last aired on: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 @ 4:30 PM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Virtual Learning
Tags: historical archives, historical images, history, history collections, museums, primary sources, Smithsonian, virtual field trips

Reviews (38)

Full Member
Great resources, thank you for sharing!
Full Member
This is great! I have always wanted to see the Smithsonian!
Basic Member
Very helpful information.
Full Member
I am very excited to use the Smithsonian website in my 6th grade history classes to explore primary resources, use pictures to increase critical thinking skills, and for me to find more out of the box ways to engage and teach my students that history is alive. Thanks!
Full Member
I really enjoyed this informative webinar. Now I know where to search for primary resources so my students can view and comment on them. Thank you.
Basic Member
Really cool. Thanks for the great idea.
Basic Member
I'll certainly take a look at the Smithsonian website. It seems especially useful to me in educating my students about types of sources, and it also will be a terrific way to allow them to experience history in the classroom.
Basic Member
This is one of the most informative webinars I've seen yet! SO much information...
Basic Member
I enjoyed Melissa's enthusiasm and hope that I can inspire students to become "lost" with their passion for learning, too. Good look at the Simthsonian Educator resources.
Basic Member
Showed a tour of the Smithsonian website.
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